Trade Idea: USDMXN – Stuck Between Key Support and Resistance | July 24

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USDMXN – Doing a Ping Pong Between Support and Resistance Levels (1hr chart)

Price Action Context

Since early June this year, the USDMXN has been largely stuck between the key support and resistance levels (R: 19.21-19.16 & S: 18.92-18.87) hitting both sides 4x’s each with only one major break.

Trend Analysis

Being stuck between these key support and resistance zones, we’re going to keep trading both sides as we’ve been recommending to our members the last few weeks. Congrats to those members that have profited from these trade setups.

Key Support & Resistance Levels

R: 19.21 – 19.16

S: 18.92-18.87

Stay tuned to the members daily trade ideas for updates.

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