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Advanced Ichimoku Trading Course v2

Learn to Trade the Ichimoku Cloud Using the 5 Lines, 3 Pillars, Advanced Ichimoku Wave Theory + Price Action Trading

    • Find Unique Support & Resistance Levels
    • Learn Advanced Ichimoku Trading Strategies
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Here's What Students Are Saying About The Course...

I love your Ichimoku course. And I would like to recommend it. Have you any referral program in place? Best wishes!

Jerome B

I would also like to say that this is probably the best value of any course I have ever taken, so thanks for what you are doing!

Mike S

Another good week for me as I gain confidence and accept my dreams are becoming more and more of a reality for me. Your lessons are helping me perceive and discern like a real trader.

Alice K

Advanced Ichimoku Training - What You’ve Been Missing

Did you know the last "expert" - Hidenobu Sasaki, wrote only 1 chapter talking about the traditional "5 Lines"? What did he write the other 6 chapters on?

That is what we focus heavily on in our Advanced Ichimoku Course. Most of what you see out there is re-hashed material on how to trade the "5 lines" by Western traders that have never read the original or subsequent texts. We have.

"Of the 10,000 that practice Ichimoku, less than a few handful really understand it."

Goichi Hosada, Founder of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Order the Advanced Ichimoku Course

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Join NOW for a one-time payment of $499
now only $299.

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The Advanced Ichimoku Course Curriculum

Taking Your Ichimoku Trading To The Next Level

The problem with most Ichimoku trading today is nobody has translated the original and subsequent text into English. We have, and I share my new found study, training and experience working with these texts.

Over the last two years, we've spent hundreds of hours rebuilding this Ichimoku Trading course to share with you more advanced ichimoku wave, price action and trading strategies.

The new ichimoku strategies offer you way more trade setups across forex, futures, commodities, stocks, global indices and CFD's across multiple time frames.

Check out the entire course curriculum and lessons below.


  • Ichimoku Foundations You Must Know
  • Main Time Frames & Descriptions We Work With
  • Foundation of the 3 Pillars - Intro to Time Theory
  • Foundation of the 3 Pillars - Intro to Wave Theory
  • Foundation of the 3 Pillars - Intro to Price Theory

Intermediate Ichimoku

  • Understanding Ichimoku Context
  • Live Ichimoku Context Trade +650 Pips
  • Reading the Chikou Span
  • Advanced Ichimoku Perspectives
  • Intermediate Wave Theory and Analysis
  • Ichimoku Price Action Theory

Advanced Ichimoku

  • Ichimoku Trading Wave 1 Setup
  • Ichimoku Trading Wave 2 Setup
  • Ichimoku Trading The K5 Setup
  • Live Ichimoku Trade (K5 Strategy) AUDUSD
  • Ichimoku Trading The Enhanced TKx Setup

Risk & Money Management

  • Your Trading Edge, Expectancy and Trade Frequency
  • The Risk of Ruin Formula
  • Drawdowns & Max Risk Models

Trading Mindset

  • The Brain, Negativity Bias and Why You Struggle to Make Money Trading
  • Psychological Biases Which Kill Your Trading Performance
  • Building Your Skillset & Accelerating Your Learning Curve
  • The Second Dart
  • Trading Like a Business
  • Preparing For The Trading Day

Here's What Students Are Saying About The Course...

I am very impressed with the quality and the quantity of the training material. I am already looking at price charts in a brand new way.

Sharon R

I find your course extremely beneficial for me as a newbie, fairly easy to follow with tons of extras (e.g. forum threads).

Catalin B

I just want to put on record my thanks for the quality of the course content. It represents stupendous value and you've made yourself available on a constant basis to guide us forwards.

Steve M

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Ichimoku Trade Setups Forum

Join members from over 40 countries sharing their live Ichimoku trading setups in real time 24 hours a day.

Follow senior traders and how they're trading in real time.

10+ Hours of Ichimoku Video Lessons

10+ Hours of training videos packed with Ichimoku strategies, lessons, and analysis. Learn the exact Ichimoku trading strategies I use with my own money.

Private Member Webinars

Ichimoku course members now get access to our private member webinars where we talk about Ichimoku trade setups, the mindset to make money trading and trader statistics.

Trading Analytics

Members get access to a Trading Analytics session with Chris Capre, whereby he analyzes your trading performance across 20+ metrics, giving you actionable insights into your trading, and a road map towards greater profitability.

Develop A Winning Mindset for Trading

I've been studying Neuroscience for the past two decades, meditating every day for 15 years, and completed a 1 year meditation retreat.

No other trading mentor has this unique combination of training and experience, which I share with you on how to develop a winning trading psychology

Just think - a 1% difference in your mindset could drastically increase your profits.

Order the Advanced Ichimoku Course

Get Lifetime Access - No Ongoing Fees, Ever!

Join NOW for a one-time payment of $499
now only $299.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is this a one time fee and do I have unlimited access to the videos?

    Yes, it's a one-time fee and you have lifetime access to the course and videos.

  • What kind of support do I get and how is the follow up session conducted?

    You get full email support from me, a free follow up session from me, and access to the traders forums. The follow up session is usually done via Skype after a student logs at least 20 trades in their trading journal and presents it to me beforehand.

  • I am a complete newbie in trading. How will this course benefit me?

    You will learn three critical things in this course: 1) the base model for understanding price action, 2) rule based systems to trade momentum moves in the market, and 3) How to Build A Successful Trading Mindset.
    By understanding price action, you can read the most important moves in the market, and what direction you want to trade. Rule based systems help to reduce emotions & thinking in making decisions. And building a trading mindset is key to success in trading

  • I have a full-time job. Can I still use your systems and are there certain times of the day they only work on?

    A large majority of my students have full time jobs and still trade successfully using these systems. If they can, so can you. I have strategies that work throughout the day as there is a huge range of strategies from the 5m, 15m, 30m, 1hr, 4hr, daily and weekly charts, so regardless of your time zone and availability, there are strategies for you to trade.

  • What are the hit rates of your systems and are they subjective or rule-based and can be programmed?

    System accuracy is a meaningless figure without reward to risk ratios. I have over 11+ systems across 8+ instruments, across 6+ time frames, and accuracy varies per pair, time frame and system, so to list them all would be ridiculous.

  • I trade index futures, currency futures, and commodities. Do your systems work in these markets?

    Our systems work with any markets that have sufficient liquidity. I personally use them on forex, index futures and commodities.

  • If you are such a successful trader, then why do you teach?

    Good question - please read my article Why I Do This.

  • Do you post trade alerts in real time?

    No, as students would just hitch a free ride. My daily trade setups commentary is done after the NY Close Sun-Thurs.
    My students and top traders however post their trades before, during and after daily.

  • Are there any independent reviews of your course?

    Yes, you can find them on our Trustpilot page - 2nd Skies Reviews.

Order the Advanced Ichimoku Course

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