About Me

About Chris CapreHi, I’m Chris Capre – the passion behind 2ndSkiesForex. I am a Buddhist, Trader and Philanthropist.

That means I trade, I meditate, & I donate.

I have been trading for 15 years, using price action from day one. I started trading live after one month with a $3,000 account. In six months, I turned it into $83,000.

And then I did something even more spectacular. I lost $25,000 in 15 minutes, and a total of $50,000 in a month.

It took me another 120 days before I could post a profitable month. My beginning in trading was just like my early life – trial by fire.

As of now, I have spent over 40,000 hours behind the charts.

Prior to trading, I had zero education in finance, economics or business at the University. I have your typical background for trading; I studied Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy. What was I doing when I first started trading? What every trader starts with – teaching Yoga.

I have been as poor as one could be. I’ve had to live on one bag of doritos a day. I’ve lived out of my car because I could not afford a place to rent. Simply put, I have been at the bottom.

My strength is I rise every time I fall, and I only keep moving forward. Perhaps I watched too many Rocky movies as a kid, but it’s served me well.

Currently I speak ~4 languages (English, Castellano/Spanish, French & Star Trek :-).

I consider myself fortunate because every day I get to do what I am passionate about:

  • Trading
  • Teaching
  • Helping Others (Philanthropy)

If retirement is doing what you want to do every day, then in that sense – I am retired. Yet you can often find me working 10-16 hours a day. I love what I do – and enjoy my time immensely.

Every day since the summer of 2000, I have been practicing yoga and meditation. I live well below my means, and use my abundance to make a donation every single day of the year.

We create who we are daily, all based on what efforts we put forth in body and mind. To be successful in trading, you must put in the effort. Overcoming is the true currency of success.

I do not have a typical history, I will not offer a typical perspective (on life or trading price action), and you will realize this from the moment you interact with me.

Most likely, I am living in some Caribbean location, probably within two blocks of the ocean.

My Trading Bio
You all know the beginning. A few years into trading, I got a job as a broker for FXCM. I’ve worked on Wall Street. I’ve worked for a hedge fund, and now I run my private companies to share my passion.

Why Is Your Company Called ‘2ndSkies’?
After working on the institutional side, it was time to take my ventures public. ‘2ndSkies’ to me symbolizes a new horizon, a new beginning. It is this new horizon I stepped into 7 years ago when I created this company.

Who is 2ndSkiesForex for?
1) People who are passionate about trading – the kind who love the challenge of it.

2) Individuals who want to build a successful mindset – and realize trading is about more than the strategy.

You’ve realized YOU are a huge part of your SUCCESS & FAILURES. You’ve been successful in other ventures, but haven’t been able to turn the corner with trading – that is where I come in, to help you solve the equation and become profitable.

3) Those who want to grow their abundance and help those they care about.

I worked on Wall Street – seen the good, bad and the wolf on wall street. I’m not here to have 10 Ferrari’s. Could I buy one right now? YES!

But I’m here to have a positive impact on people while using my abundance to help others.

My Personal Motto
“To make money in life, and buy what one wants is one thing. To have a positive impact on people’s lives, is another thing entirely. I am here to have a positive impact on people’s lives”Chris Capre

My Blog – My Canvas
I write articles focused on a particular trading strategy, skill, or building a successful trading mindset.

Watch a brief video below where I talk about how I approach trading strategies and teaching.

Make sure to read some of my top posts, many with 50,000-100,000 views.

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Want to get in contact with me?
Because I manage a lot (trading, students, constantly taking things to the next level) if you want to get a hold of me, best to contact me via the Contact Page. If you want to talk by phone, please email for an appointment first.

Also make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

But I look forward to working with you and being a part of your success in trading and life.

Kind Regards,
Chris Capre

“For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know” – Theodore Roosevelt