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Chris CapreHi, I’m Chris Capre – the CEO & Head Trader at 2nd Skies, which I founded in 2007 to help traders and investors build a profitable edge in the financial markets.

My goal for you at 2nd Skies is simple: to help you build financial wealth through trading and investing in the markets.

I’m not here to buy 10 Ferrari’s, and I can tell you having a $2 million dollar home will not make you twice as happy as a million-dollar one (speaking from personal experience).

Owning things is not a path to happiness. Overcoming adversity, achieving your goals and helping others – is.

And that is what we are here to do – help you overcome adversity (get out of the rat race), achieve your goals (financial), and help others (those you love or want to help).

My Trading/Investing History

I have been trading for over two decades, starting with stocks and forex, now primarily with stocks, options and crypto.

In 2004, I was hired to become an FX broker for FXCM, working on Wall Street, then starting their San Francisco office.

In 2006, I became a funded trader at the JNF Fund, while also training the new traders and students.

In 2007, I left the institutional world to start 2nd Skies (my new sky) where I could share my experience and unique insight into trading, investing, neuroscience, and how to build long term financial wealth.

I am a verified profitable trader, posting a ~72% return in 2020, and as of this writing (July 21’), am currently up over 20%.

And if I, who studied Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy at the University with no experience in business or finance, can make it in the financial markets, so can you.

I have been as poor as you can be, living out of my car with no money, to years later living in a multi-million-dollar home.

If owning a million-dollar home is what you want to accomplish, I want to help you get there through trading and investing.

If working from home and having more time with those you love is what you want, I want to help you get there through trading and investing.

Chris Capre trading

There are two ways you can make money – you making money (working a job) or money making money. The former is harder and can only be done so many hours in a day. The latter is easier and can be done 24 hours a day. Which would you like to do? I hope the latter.

Building financial abundance is like trying to leave the Earth’s gravity. It takes a lot of fuel to take off and break free, but once you leave the atmosphere, you can orbit easily.

I want you to break free from the financial gravity most never get to. I want you orbit easily while needing little fuel. And I want you to experience a new financial perspective from up in the sky (your 2nd Sky) which is where you belong.

Welcome aboard, and I look forward to helping you accomplish your trading and investing goals.

Kind Regards,

Chris Capre
Lake Tahoe (July 2021)

“It is not the mountain we are conquering; it is ourselves.”
-Sir Edmund Hillary

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