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Can Lyft Stock Lift Itself Out Of Its Meltdown 01

The ridesharing company’s stock is taking a major hit, and the headwinds might not dissipate soon. Why did Lyft, Inc. (Nasdaq: LYFT) stock take a 33% dip? Source: Thought Catalog What Happened? Lyft stock dropped by 30% on Wednesday, after […]

Can This Mammoth Gaming Stock Overcome Its Blizzard And Win Again 01

Activision Blizzard has been in the news for positive and negative reasons recently. On the negative side, the company has been dragged into lawsuits for discrimination and harassment. On the positive side, news has came out about Microsoft’s interest in

Can A 15% Soaring Break Ubisoft Stock's Downfall 01

A strong bullish engulfing timeframe appeared on the UBI stock chart on the daily timeframe. This rise translated to a 15% rise in price from an opening price of €34. Source: Error 420 This rise resulted from rumors of a

Casa Stock Skyrockets By 80% After Deal With Verizon 01

American telecom mammoth Verizon recently became the third-highest shareholder of a budding 5G-infrastructure-building company. This has led to an increase in interest in the shares of the budding company, reflected by an 80% rise in share price. Source: Z z

Joby Aviation Prepares To Soar, Taking Its Stock With It 01

The next transportation marvel on the horizon for humans may be flying cars. And companies such as Joby Aviation, Inc (NYSE: JOBY) are starting to take off in a big way. Source: Joby Joby works on commercializing electric airplanes, capable

ASGI Stock: Is Now The Best Time To Buy 01

Aberdeen Standard Global Infrastructure Income Fund (NYSE: ASGI) is an ETF that targets infrastructure services globally. Although the fund just went public in 2020, many investors are already looking to buy into it. But is now the best time to

Warner Bros. Discover Stock: A Gift To Investors

Witnessing the birth of a company is common. But when such companies are being birthed by two giants, that only comes once in a while. Our stock pick for today is one that many analysts believe would surely be a

Shopify Stock Split: Data Predicts Price Could Soar By 25 Percent 01

Shopify Inc. (NYSE: SHOP) joins the list of companies that have announced a stock split this year. Other companies on this list are Tesla, Alphabet, and Amazon. Shopify’s proposal is a 10:1 stock split, and it intends to put it

SR Stock Is At A Critical Level - Should You Buy Now 01

The year 2020 has been very fruitful for Spire Inc. (NYSE: SR) and its shareholders on the charts. There has been a 17% rise in the stock since the turn of the year, better than the S&P 500’s drop of

Is LULU Stock A Buy After 20% Price Surge 01

After getting to a poor start to 2022, the maker of athletic comfort wears, Lululemon Athletica Inc. (Nasdaq: LULU), made a rebound to its highest level all year long. This surge resulted from the company’s positive financial results in its

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