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I made 3% in 3 days since obtaining the courses, they are excellent… I appreciate what you have done for me, even in this little time. I feel like with hard work, I have a light at the end of the tunnel.
Ken T


I’ve already paid for the courses using the systems, risking only 1/2% per trade.
John C


After I watched a few of your videos (quite a few more to go), and my first week of trading, I doubled my small account, which pays for your course and then some. I feel like after learning some basic core principles about price and direction from your videos, I’m able to finally piece together the key components I’ve been missing. Thank you!
Rod R


I’m currently in your Advanced Price Action course and found it very helpful to my trading. I was in Nial Fuller’s price action course and quickly realized how weak it is compared to what 2nd skies offers. I’ve made a little over 20% trading in the last few months. Overall I am very happy you poked those giant holes in Nial Fuller’s strategies, otherwise I’d still be waiting for pin bars and inside bars and missing out on hundreds of pips.


I wanted to say “Thank you!” I just got funded $100,000 by an investor. I will be trading with those funds. The Advanced Price Action course and the Advanced Traders Mindset course were/are so helpful during this journey. The Advanced Price Action course opened a whole new world to me. Before, my trading was so narrow. You are a great inspiration to me and course members, one who posts and shares so much knowledge in the forum. This is the first step on the long road to success. Once I earn enough money I will fly to you to meet you and thank you in person. Happy trading!


I just wanted to thank you again for letting me take part in the Advanced Traders Mindset course. The content you have put together is phenomenal. I have only watched the introduction and lesson 1, and have watched them over and over again a number of times. I believe taking this course is the most important thing I have ever done in trading and the most valuable investment I have made. I just wanted to thank you again for letting me on the course at this stage. Many thanks!
James, UK


I caught a big trade on AUD/USD using your price action strategies and I actually held on to it hoping to break 0.9600, which it did today, giving me several hundred pips, so thanks a lot.
Aimes, J


I banked 250 pips yesterday winning all 5 of my trades! I am 10 for my last 13, so things are looking up!
Kevin P.


I’ve finished the Advanced Price Action course and have taken the trades based on the systems in there. In November when I started to learn the course, I had to cut off some wrongdoings from my previous courses I took that resulted in -250 pips. However, now in December I’ve already banked +620pips and I think that I finally nailed it. Very happy about that!
W. Anderson


Before taking your course, I took another, always waiting for certain price patterns at zones that never eventuated and missing the boat when the market runs. My entries have always been buy/sell stops beyond my patterns which in turn has drastically reduced my R:R potential in the past. After watching your latest video, I am so glad I joined up. Thanks again.
Hugh D, Australia


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