Live Price Action Trades of the Week | Oct 12th

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Every week our members in the traders forum are actively engaging the markets. They do this on many time frames, because they all know great setups are not constrained by time frames. For those with the training and vision, they happen on any and all time frames.

Below are five trades from both experienced and new traders studying our methods and training in our material. These are the live trades they took from the brokers chart showing the exact entry and exit points they traded in real time.

Hopefully you will study these and learn from their trades.

#1 AUDUSD 1hr Chart +93 pips
aud_usd_1_hour +93 pips price action course 2ndskiesforex

Here the trader is using one of our reversal systems, spotting a trend transition. Initially the trade went against them, but their stop was protected, and shortly after, the trade rocketed in their favor, grabbing +93 pips just before the trade started to reverse for 3R trade.

#2 +42 Pips CADJPY Short
price action course cad jpy 4hr 2ndskiesforex

Catching a with trend setup on a pullback, this trader grabbed a 1.6R trade that never went negative and straight to profit.

#3 With Trend Consolidation Setup +90 Pips EURJPY
ichimoku course setup 2ndskiesforex gbpjpy

While the EURJPY was consolidating, this trader found a great with trend setup using a strategy from our ichimoku course grabbing the upward momentum with the trade going straight to his target, snagging over 2R on this trade.

#4 3R Trade on 15min Chart EURUSD
3P setup chris capre 2ndskiesforex

Here the trader spotted a price action structure that communicated a likely reversal, grabbing a quick 15 pips with only a 5 pip stop for a 3R return. Although 15 pips may not seem like much, its immaterial because his stop was 5 pips, thus he gained 3x his risk. This is equivalent to a swing trader on a daily chart having a 100 pip stop and grabbing 300 pips. How many of those do you think you’d grab on a weekly basis? Then ask yourself how many of these they can grab on a daily basis? Food4thought.

#5 +10R on Gold 5m Chart
Gold breakout trade price action 8R trade 2ndskiesforex

Using our breakout discovery method, this trader aptly spotted a great breakout opportunity whereby using a $2.50 stop on Gold, they were able to catch a serious momentum move and hold it during three pauses, capturing a $21 move on gold for 10+R all using the 5 minute chart! All done in less than an hour.

Comparing to our only daily time frame trader, this is capturing 1000 pips on a 100 pip stop. How often and how long do you think it would take you to grab that? Again, great trades are not the domain on specific time frames – they are the domain of those who have the vision and training to find them.

Did you spot these setups, trade and profit from them? If not, you could with the right training, deliberate practice and effort.

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