Live Price Action Trades of the Week | May 3rd

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Just a few days before Cinco de Mayo, but wanted to share some winning live trades from the students in our price action course. There were a range of trades, from a false break setup, to a few pin bar signals, all across a range of time frames from the 4hr, 1hr and 5m chart.

#1 GBPUSD 1hr False Break + Engulfing Bar +85 pips
live price action engulfing bar false break setup 2ndskiesforex

Here is a trade on the 1hr chart, whereby the student aptly found a false break + engulfing bar setup. Notice how the price action just consolidated after their entry, showing the buyers were holding the line and accumulating for the big break higher.

#2 USDCHF Pin Bar Setup on the 5m Intra-Day Chart
pin bar live price action trade usdchf 2ndskiesforex

After a bullish impulsive run, the USDCHF entered into a consolidation phase, where it created a false break + pin bar setup on the 5m chart. Although grabbing +33 pips may seem small, they did it with a 6 pip stop, for a +5.5R! Keep in mind, that is the equivalent of having a 100 pip stop, and nailing a +550 pip trade. How many times has that happened to you?

#3 EURAUD Pin Bar Setup 4hr Chart for + 93.9 pips and +3R!
pin bar setup at key level live trade 2ndskiesforex euraud

Here one of our newer students spotted a really good pin bar at a key level. They entered with a well placed stop using a trade entry trick, and selling the pair back to the base of the consolidation. Instead of gunning for the typical 2R trade, they grabbed a strong +3R in about half a day, so some excellent trading.

In Summary
Ask yourself, how many of the other ‘authorities’ or ‘masters’ of price action are consistently sharing winning trades from their students? How many of them are they themselves showing any of their live trade setups, with the actual markers from the brokers chart?

Good luck finding them, but we work to separate ourselves, showing how students are actually trading using our price action strategies in real time. We hope you can see the difference, and how students just like you, are able to study our methods, train properly, and make winning trades like these, week after week.

If they can do it, then certainly you could as well.

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