Live Price Action Trades of the Week – Jun 8

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The last two weeks have been marked with pockets of volatility, followed by longer contractions and range bound environments. Generally trading is less active in the summer, and profits are less, but members of our price action course have continued to find ways to profit consistently.

There were several contenders this week of live trade setups that profited nicely with several R, many of them from newer members, but my favorite has to be the EURAUD trade, which came within 3 pips of hitting their stop. In the face of a sharp move against their trade, they showed great trust in the price action system, patience and a willingness to stick to their trading plan.

Below are our top trades of the week (actually, the last two weeks since I was on travel).

#1: NZDUSD 3 Trades in One Day, All Winners
live trade setups price action 2ndskiesforex nzdusd 2014

Here the student used one of our reversal patterns to spot a bottoming formation prior to the reversal. Their timing was excellent as they called the bottom of the most recent kiwi move within ~15 pips and bought several times up on the reversal.

The first trade was for +1.54R, and after hitting their target, instead of sitting on their laurels and admiring their handiwork like most beginning traders do, they realized the move was still favorable and there was another way to enter.

On their second trade, they grabbed +43 pips for +2.86R.

Yet even after hitting their second target, they stayed present and realized the market had another leg up. So they bought again, grabbing another +24.2 pips and for +2.3R. Total profit in one day on one pair was +6.7R! Some excellent trading indeed.

#2: GBPUSD +99 Pips 1hr Chart
price action live trade setup gu trend continuation 2ndskiesforex

Here one of our members spotted a trade setup that would not make sense to anyone trading pure price action patterns (or 1-2 bar patterns).

After spotting an impulsive price action move that had followed a corrective move, this student spotted an impending breakdown and trend continuation setup. They amazingly caught over 90% of the move grabbing +99 pips using only a 20 pip stop for a +4.95R trade!

#3: GBPUSD 4hr Chart for +2.45R & +86.6 Pips
live trade setups price action gu return to zero 2ndskiesforex

This trader actually trades a similar leg of the same move, but caught it earlier, and was able to read the price action in real time using several of our price action strategies.

They set their target using our return to zero point method with their trade never going in the negative, grabbing +86.6 pips and +2.45R.

Also, notice how they marked a lot of comments and observations on the chart. By doing this, and saving their screenshots, they learn more from each trade they take, especially when reviewing trades for further analysis and study. Great work indeed.

#4 EURAUD +3.18R and +70 Pips
5 minute intraday trading euraud 2ndskiesforex

This trade took top spot for the week, not because it had the highest R profit or in pips, but because they trusted their trade, price action read, and key level they entered. Their trade actually got triggered on a volume spike which was caused by a news event as they had a limit order to sell at 1.47409. Their stop was placed 22 pips above, which survived the volume spike by 3 pips.

They could have traded emotionally, not trusted their trade/system, and exited, but they held firm and let the trade play out, showing great discipline. By not panicking, they profited nicely (instead of losing), and captured 70% of the move.

It should be noted they were trading the 5 minute intra-day chart, and took profit in less than 4 hours.

For those who hail the daily and 4hr time frames as the holy grail of trading and good signals, keep in mind they profited in a few hours what takes you a day or two. Their total return (+2.18R) would be the equivalent of making 218 pips on 100 pip stop. How many times does that happen to you in a month, and how long do you have to wait for it?

Food for thought, but high quality signals occur on every time frame. You just have to train properly to see them.

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