Live Price Action Trades Of The Week | Dec. 7th

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This week was quite packed with major economic news events and large volatile moves in various pairs. Our students did well capturing a lot of the key moves. Here are the trades of the week, across various pairs and time frames with some trades capturing almost 5R!

#1 NZDUSD 15m Chart 2.5R Winner
nzdusd 15m chart live price action trade 2ndskiesforex

Here the student used an intraday price action model to capture a reversal in the price action, all while it being in a choppy environment. They snagged most of the 2nd leg up making a 2.5R return in a few hours.

#2 GBPUSD +69 Pips and a +3R Return
intra-day live price action trade 2ndskiesforex gbpusd

Here the trader showed skill in having a well placed stop, but also patience in sitting through the early portions of the trade which went negative initially. Their patience paid off as the buyers started accumulating and then sent the pair upward towards their limit for a +3R return.

#3 EURJPY Two Trades, One for +60 pips and the other for +125
eurjpy multiple live price action trades intra-day 2ndskiesforex

Here the trader showed skill, maturity, aggression and a successful trading mindset in attacking this uptrend. They got an excellent entry on their first position, which virtually never went negative. Being that they had a large enough position, they took profit at multiple locations scaling out as the trade ran into sellers, yet still held a core position to their intended target.

Then, after noticing the price action was showing a continuation, instead of just sitting on their laurels, they realized there was another opportunity available, and re-entered another long. This trade they did the same thing, scaling out as it ran into opposing sellers, while holding a core position, eventually closing out as the pair was losing momentum. Excellent trading, aggression and maturity here.

#4 Great Reversal – Breakout Trade having only an ~17 pip stop grabbing ~80 pips for an almost 5R winner on the 5m Chart!
audusd 5m live price action trade 2ndskiesforex 5R trade

Here the trader spotted weakness in the current consolidation and uptrend, noticing the impulsive price action was in their favor. They held on for the entire move, showing great poise and patience as it corrected a few times and bounced once, grabbing ~80 pips with a 17 pip stop all using the 5m chart and almost a 5R return. Excellent work here.

Remember, high quality signals occur on any and every time frame. The difference between being able to spot them, and only seeing ‘noise’ comes down to training.

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