Live Price Action Trades of the Week | July 19th

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Although it may seemed like a slow week, our price action traders posted some really good trades for the week, with my personal favorite being done from a mobile device, grabbing +150 pips and a 5+R trade! Several of the trades were done on the intra-day charts, but also some good swing setups as well on the daily and 4hr time frames. Congrats to the students this week who traded quite well during a choppier than usual environment.

#1 +115 Pips and Still Holding
euro 115 pips of profit price action learn to trade

This was a nice intra-day pullback setup to a key level and dynamic support on the 4hr chart, currently up +115 pips with profit already locked in.

#2 2R Trade on AUDCAD in 2hrs
audcad 2R in 2hrs learn to trade

Although +27 pips may not seem like a lot of pips, this trader grabbed a 2R trade in less than 2 hours. Remember, it is a complete myth that high quality signals are only found on the higher time frames. You can find these on any time frame when you learn to see them as our students spot them every day, instead of waiting around for days for a setup.

#3 USDCHF +118 Pips and 3+R
usdchf learn to trade price action live trading

Here is another great with trend trade, catching a nice pullback with a razor sharp entry, needing a very tight stop, up well over +100 pips.

#4 +150 Pips / 5R Trade From Mobile Device
live price action trade euro 150 pips trade from mobile device

This was an excellent trade for one my students who is traveling in South America, trading from a mobile device, with a fantastic entry, tight stop, and +150 pip target grabbing over 5R (e.g. they risked 1% and gained 5% on one trade). Congrats to Andy for posting one of his best trades yet.

Hopefully this inspires you, and shows you what you can do when you learn to read and trade price action well, as many of these students had little experience before this course, and are still developing their skills – just like you.

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