GBPJPY Role Reversal Setup Profits +100 Pips | Oct 8th

GBPJPY – Sells Off At Breakout Level
In this weeks market commentary, we suggested selling GBPJPY at the key role reversal breakout level of 156.65. Today it literally came a half pip from this level, then sold off communicating offers were waiting at this exact level where savvy price action traders profited nicely. The pair sold off for the next 4 hours and +100 pips, so hopefully you locked in some good profit at this point. For now the pair remains bearish below this level. A break below 155.30 will accelerate losses to 154.50. Only a daily close above 156.65 will change the tune short term.

gbpjpy breakout pullback role reversal setup 2ndskiesforex

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  • oyedeji

    nice one

  • oyedeji

    im a binary trader , which of your course can you recommend for binary trading.

    • Hello Oyedeji,

      For binary trading, I’d recommend the Price Action Course as this would be the most important skill a binary trader could have – that of learning to read/trade price action in real time, particularly around key levels.

      We also have several binary students in this course specifically using our methods, and doing well, so this would be my recommendation.

      Hopefully this answers your questions.


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