USDCHF – Live Trade Setup, Bullish Above 9500 | Mar 2

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USDCHF – Live Trade Setup, Bullish Above 9500 (1hr chart)
Last week in the members commentary we talked about buying the USDCHF on a pullback. Notice the corrective pullback which we discussed before. That found some seriously impulsive buying off the 9450 level. With the following corrective move, I felt this level would hold again, so literally did a market order on this one as it was getting there in real time.

Today I took profit on this live trade setup, pretty much the top of the intra-day high just shy of 9600 for +133 pips of profit and +5.32R.

For now, I’m suspecting a pullback towards 9500 so will consider getting long there. Upside targets would be just shy of 96 and 9675. Only a daily close below 9450 negates the bullish momentum near term.


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