EURJPY – Buy Trade Setup Profits +260 Pips | Apr 30

EURJPY – Buy Setup @ 131.30 Profits Heavy (4hr chart)
Yesterday in our members trade setups commentary, we suggested buying the EURJPY at 131.30 as this was a key range resistance before, and should hold on a pullback.

Looking at the chart below, we can see this played out to the tee, literally with the 131.30 being hit to the pip! Members who traded this would be in a large profit now over over +260 pips, so congrats to those who did.

I’m maintaining my bullish bias while above this key role reversal level on a daily closing basis. 135 is the next upside target before offers should step back in.


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  • Andy smith

    Did you trade the eurnzd or euraud in last 2 days or just trade the eurjpy ?

    • Chris Capre

      Hola Andy,

      I don’t really trade those pairs (EURNZD or EURAUD). Not that they are bad pairs by any means, but the spread and liquidity is not something that works for me long term…can’t scale up in them too far!

      But many of my students do and they like those pairs a lot.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre