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The Blind Entry (How It Will Leave You Trading Blind)

This is part 2 of a 4 part series. View the next one here: How the Typical Pin Bar Entry Is A Retail Entry or if you missed the first one, checkout The Price Action Confirmation Myth & the Retail Mindset

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I’d like to preface this post before I share the meat and potatoes stew.

People are going to have differing opinions on how to trade, particularly when it comes to price action, and that is to be both expected and accepted.

I think as colleagues, it is perfectly ok to offer a critique on a trading method.  It helps bring greater clarity and information to the trading world, especially for developing traders.

As long as the critique and constructive criticism is not personal, and not based on speculation, but simply comparing the differences in technique or approach, then it seems perfectly fine (IMO).

We see this in science, mathematics and medicine, so there is no reason why it cannot or should not be here.

I’ve recently posted a video on Why Confirmation is A Retail Traders Mindset, and not how professionals think.

This article is my critique and explanation of how and why the forex blind entry method communicates a retail traders mindset about price action.

Let’s begin.

The Critique On The Blind Entry

There is this retail version of price action, that trading a support or resistance level without a ‘confirmation signal’, is trading the market ‘blind‘.

It is called the ‘blind entry‘, because if you are trading without any confirmation signal, then you are trading the market blind.

I want you to think about that for a moment.

That a trend which has been moving for 1500 pips, selling off for 7, 8 or 9 weeks/months in a row…that if you are shorting without a price action confirmation signal (such as a pin bar, engulfing bar, or inside bar), that you are trading blind.

If that is how you approach price action, that trading without such a confirmation price action signal, is really trading blind, then you really don’t trust price action.

You don’t trust trading trends, you don’t trust price action context, you don’t trust an imbalanced order flow in the market, you don’t trust key support and resistance levels.

In reality, you really don’t trust your ability to trade at all now, do you?

Do you really think that a professional bank, prop or hedge fund trader has been sitting on the sidelines of the EURUSD downtrend these last several months, simply because they did not get a daily price action signal to ‘confirm’ the trend is valid?

Is that what you really think?

One has to ask the question, if attempting to join a well established trend, or entering the market without a ‘price action signal‘ (in the form of a 1-2 bar pattern) is trading ‘blind’, you really have to question that approach to the markets.

You have to question that understanding of price action as it is likely causing you to lose money.

In Closing

Are you one of those trading these price action confirmation signals?

Have you been sitting on your hands in trends that have moved thousands of pips, not trading them because you didn’t get ‘confirmation’?

If so, I want to hear your feedback and how this series of videos and articles is changing your perspective on trading price action confirmation signals.

Can you see the difference now in the two versions of price action being taught?

Which one do you think wins over time and why?

I want to know, so please comment and join the discussion below.

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And do watch my next video in this series where I show the difference between the 50% retrace tweak entry vs. a professional traders entry.


This is part 2 of a 4 part series. View the next one here: How the Typical Pin Bar Entry Is A Retail Entry or if you missed the first one, checkout The Price Action Confirmation Myth & the Retail Mindset

3 thoughts on “The Blind Entry (How It Will Leave You Trading Blind)”

  1. My problem with trading a support/resistance level without confirmation that the level has held would be :- where do you place the stop loss ?

    1. Hello Mark,
      This is not as much of a problem as you think it is, and definitely not a reason to trade ‘confirmation’ which decreases profitability.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’ve just finished going through your series twice. It’s very informative, entertaining and enlightening.
    I truly love your superior and original perspective on price action trading. It liberates some of us who find the other approaches (like confirmation and trading only higher time frames) too restricting.
    It is true that almost all other price action teachers emphasise waiting for “confirmation” before entering trades…
    And yes: the risk reward of the other approaches is very clearly very poor. There is no question about that.
    I’ve read almost all other “cut and paste, carbon copy price action teachers”, including Nial and Jonathon…
    I used to read Nial a lot and took him seriously. Not anymore since I found your website.
    I’ve reached a conclusion that Nial, Jonathon and You Chris are the three most influential teachers of forex price action on the web. I know of many other price action traders but I think those just rehash and regurgitate what Nial or Johnathon teaches.
    I haven’t purchased any of your courses the three of you (I’ll buy yours definitely). But I have read probably almost all the free articles all the three of you have published, and have also watched and listened to many of the free videos the three of you have published (I’m inclined to text as opposed to video).
    To cut a long story short: you don’t self-appoint yourself an “Authority on price action” or a “Master on all things price action” like Nial and Jonathon call themselves respectively, but you’re the true AUTHORITY and MASTER of price action.
    I’ve always had a serious problem with the two gentlemen because they teach aspiring traders like me to trade only the daily charts (because intra-day price action is noise according to them), and then go further to say I should only trade the pin bar, the fakey and the inside bar (Nial), or the engulfing bar, the pin bar and 2bar reversal (Johnathon).
    In fact: that’s not the whole truth because they actually advice their followers to master one price action setup at a time. I don’t have to tell you that if you follow that path you’re going to take a very long time before you can be proficient in price action trading, do I?

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