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2022 is starting off as one of the worst years in the history for the S&P 500. It’s down over -18.25% and the peak to trough YTD is -20.75% as of this writing (3rd week in May). Of the first […]

About a fortnight ago I did a trading seminar in Toronto. I spoke about Neuroscience, the self-image, comfort zone and the trading mindset which had a strong impression on the attendees. One of them emailed me the following question shortly

One of the more crucial lessons in my price action course is called ‘The 10 Key Tips For Trading Support & Resistance Levels You Must Know‘. In today’s article I’m going to share two forex support and resistance trading tips from

Blind Entry trading

This is part 2 of a 4 part series. View the next one here: How the Typical Pin Bar Entry Is A Retail Entry or if you missed the first one, checkout The Price Action Confirmation Myth & the Retail Mindset Preface

the price action confirmation myth

This is part 1 of a 4 part forex price action strategy series. Read the next one here: The Blind Entry (How It Will Leave You Trading Blind) I can always tell where people are in the trading process based on

Forex Live Price Action Trade +140 Pips USDCHF

Watch as I execute a live price action trade on the USD/CHF. Currently up +143 pips, I explain my entry, stop loss placement and why I took the trade. Here’s the transcription for the forex trading video: “Hello traders here.

“What does being a trader mean to me… it means the key to financial and personal freedom.” – From a former bank trader. I actually find this quote above to be a dime a dozen statement. Anyone can parse out

You followed your trading plan. You got in at a great trade location. You were calm as a hindu cow throughout and executed perfectly from A-Z. But…that noise your platform makes when you lose money…you heard it, and your account

I wanted to share a unique lesson this week, one that is different from any of my other ones. Recently I was at a meditation retreat with my teacher. As many of you know, I have been practicing meditation and

In this weeks lesson for the Advanced Traders Mindset Course, we went through a very important topic for building a successful mindset. We covered the three parts of your trading mind, addressing some of the critical topics below; 1) how

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