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Trading & The Mindset of Abundance

This is a new video on trading and the mindset of abundance, what pitfalls to avoid and how your mindset can be the difference between you struggling to breakthrough, and trading successfully.

25 thoughts on “Trading & The Mindset of Abundance”

  1. Chris, I agree with everything you said above. Btw Mike I am Secular Buddhist as well and I really appreciate that trading offers a way of livelihood that does not involve creating suffering. Don’t get trapped by dogma, use your wealth and abundance to not only care for yourself and loved ones but also help others and together we can move humanity forward! Btw Chris has amazing resources here and a great community!

    1. Hola Sadeous,
      Another buddhist? Nice – amazing that two popped up in one day!
      Yes, the ‘dogma’ can easily create traps in terms of how we relate to it.
      Wealth and abundance is a tool, and ironically is all around us in many forms, not just money. We can use it for healthy, neutral, or unhealthy things.
      How one chooses to and relates to it is up to them, but the option to use it well and build a mindset of abundance is always available.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  2. Hello Chris! I am very interested in your work. I am a Secular Buddhist and student of the way. I want to put myself in a good position in life and be abundant. But how as a Buddhist should we tread the fine line between wealth and greed? I’m just asking as a fellow Buddhist and whether trading is right for me. thanks a ton chris!

    1. Hello Mike,
      Always nice to meet another buddhist practitioner.
      RE: Your Question
      The ‘treading the line’ is really only done in the mind. Money is neither good nor bad, it’s just energy and a resource. It’s certainly not bad when you buy food, pay your bills or your rent. The real question comes down to a) how are you using it and b) how are you relating to it.
      There are many cases in history of various projects, books, teachings, creations NOT being possible without the support of donors, patrons or money.
      By itself, money does not = greed as we can be ‘greedy’ about anything (food, possessions, people, time, etc).
      Trading is simply a vehicle (and quite a unique one) to build one’s abundance and wealth. How you relate to it and use it from there is key.
      Hope this helps.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  3. Hi Chris,
    As a yoga practitioner/yoga lover myself, I fully trust you. It is about time to join and learn from you as my role model. I look forward to seeing you in person and if you happened to come to Toronto I’ll be honoured to be your host.

    1. Hello Hossein,
      Thanks for the positive comments and looking forward to working with another yoga practitioner.
      There is a decent chance I’ll be in Toronto soon, and will be announcing it to the members, so hope we can meet up if I make it there.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  4. wow. so SORRY to hear about phillip.
    I am so much in agreement with you. If everybody decided to take whatever they wanted. One wouldn’t know the true value of what they have even stolen and this would result in misuse therefore not bringing out the best in you and that which was stolen.
    There is a very big lesson here for me.

  5. Martin Caflisch

    Cool,absolutly cool.Thank you very much for the kick in the A….
    took me further :))
    Thanks GOD HE let you made this experience so i can hear it today.
    cancel my moviesite also.Has Phillip overcome the cancer?I just want to know if he needs prayer)

    1. Hello Martin,
      Philip passed several years ago. I was at his funeral, and it was quite a sad event, but also joyous as he touched and influenced so many people.
      I will always remember our friendship, and the lessons he taught me as they are still with me to this day.
      But hopefully this influences you to make changes in your life for the better, and that you can share this so others can benefit.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  6. Ya, definitely can’t go wrong with a mind of abundance or law of attraction. Thanks Chris for sharing!

  7. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the info & it is very useful, but I do have one question. What happened to Philip? Seems he understood the laws of abundance but where is he now? Sorry if I am nosy but I love hearing stories about people & this one has my curosity aroused.
    Regards Tony

  8. This is exactly the mind set i now have, and have been hugely successful. I’m a day trader.
    Before i changed my attitude towards money and creating wealth, i was lossing money. The only person winning was my broker!
    Once i changed my mind set, my trading became much better. I was seeking out books, and doing all kinds of research and testing. Now, i see money as a river, the river will always flow…its up to me go to the river and take how every little or much i want.
    Fantastic Video Chris. Two thumbs up 😀
    PS, you should give this out in MP3 format, it would be great to listen on peoples way to work.

    1. Hello Kalpesh,
      Good to hear you liked the video and noticed the changes in your experience and results when your mindset changed.
      Good idea about the mp3 format, I’ll have to consider this as another method for distributing it.
      Kind Regards,

  9. hi, Chris,
    If I had taken the course before, I won’t have lost that much money. And the more video I am watching, the less confidence I have, it seems too much to learn..
    How long do you think it is going to take before I can trade consistently and successfully.

    1. Hello Lisa,
      Taking the course would likely make a huge difference because the learning is all focused and streamlined, and you get to learn from me directly which helps to accelerate the learning process by months, if not years. Plus each course member gets a follow up session with me to help work on your weaknesses and strengths. That plus the lifetime membership and it really helps to support and accelerate your learning process.
      So hopefully ts gives you some idea of how the course can help.
      Kind Regards,

      1. Couple od things….
        Your great at reiterating points I know, but it’s been so long since I’ve consciously thought about them (they are somewhere floating around in the back of my mind), hearing you mention them brings them back in to focus. Example….Trading System…one trader succeeds…the other trader fails….the difference…100% mindset.
        I like how you explained the Fractured Mindset. 2 opposing thoughts can’t coexist.
        I’ve also thought I’ve always understood the Law Of Abundance. You made me realize I have taken part in activities that were holding me back. It’s easy to justify getting a pirated copy of MS Office is “Beating The System”. I thought being positive, optimistic, and expecting great things would lead me down the right path. I guess I have to give Microsoft there money to.

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