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5 Trading Mistakes To Avoid From Day 1

Yes, it’s true – I turned $3,000 into $83,000 when I started my trading career, but I made a lot of trading mistakes early on which cost me a lot of money.

The goal of today’s trading video is to share with you 5 trading mistakes to avoid from day 1. These are the exact same trading mistakes I made back in the day that cost me a lot of money, time and headaches that I’m passing onto you so you can avoid the lost time, money and obstacles I went through.

Beginning and intermediate traders often repeat the same mistakes myself, and others have made. Your job as a trader is to learn from my trading mistakes faster than I did through these lessons and mentoring.

Each year, you should also be improving and making less mistakes than the less year. If you’re not, you’re not training right and building the right skills. Hopefully this video can help you get into the right direction and improve your trading performance by making less mistakes.

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