• And I must say, Chris, excellent course. Exactly what I am lacking.

    Geoff W., Course Member

  • I can't imagine how many hours you've dedicated to studying, streamlining and simplifying this strategy to make our (your students) lives easier. I cannot wait for all the new material to come!

    Rai J

  • Working my way through the site I can only say that my initial impression is totally positive. Not only is your style very direct, your approach to Forex makes so much sense like it never did before.

    Alan H

  • You should be called "the Fed", 'cause a few of your strategies on the daily timeframe are like printing money!

    Boris P

  • I must say that your course is excellent. The way you explain things in terms of order flow and impulsive versus corrective moves really makes it easier to understand the market and to interpret the price action.

    Robert S.

  • Thanks for the latest video. I loved the overall view this gave me as to how to analyze and enter the market. Especially, I loved the clear definition of when a trend is over. Had been wanting to get clear on that for a long time now. Thanks! Really starting to see the big picture with the price action methods here. I am sensing a growing feeling of becoming able to analyze on my own and doing my own trades rather than blindly following others' systems.


  • I'm quite surprised and impressed on how you've responded to my emails and your follow up emails. It's very rare to find this on other online courses or even offline courses. It's really a good personal touch you provide your students and I'm sure all your students feel as welcome and appreciative as I do. Thanks again, Chris.


  • Man, I want to thank you so much for helping me to see more clearly at chart reading. My dreams actually seem to be gaining some gravitational pull inside my heart. I do look forward to being polite as I break the news to the boss: "You're fired buddy!!!"

    Hank W

  • My trading has improved a lot since the last time we spoke. Your way of approaching trading has really helped a lot.

    Adam H

  • Thanks to your daily commentary I decided to keep the original trade plan, except for the manual close, of course. :-) With a good result. I am happy about this trade, did keep my plan, and also made a good profit. Thank you, Chris.