• I am so happy that I found you and happy to learn a lot from you, not just about trading, but about becoming a better person in life. You were born to teach and educate, you have a gift. Keep going on your great mission.


  • The reason you have problems trading with Nial Fuller's method is because it's not specific enough and you become stressed and confused due to not understanding why you have trades wrong. A clear example is the EUR/USD daily chart for the last couple of days. There was a pin bar from massive support, in an up trend... with Nial Fuller's strategies I would have taken a trade. However with your methods I viewed it completely differently, and hence I stayed out of the market avoiding a massive loss entirely. I am so grateful that someone of your quality is willing to teach us, and I am very focused on continuing to learn more.

    Simon D, Australia

  • I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all of the educational material. Since joining your course in February trading actually makes sense to me know. Reading the price action is clearly the most valuable tool to a strategy because I have been spinning my wheels in this game for 7 years now.

    Justin C

  • This training has far surpassed my expectations. I don't beat myself up anymore when I make a mistake, for one. That's huge for me. We talked this time about letting go as I have a problem with that (outcomes, slights etc). My negative self-talk has pretty much stopped. As far as trading goes, things have slowed down for me when I'm looking at the charts and I'm able to make better decisions. For example, I missed a signal on the Tenkan OCx Ichimoku system this morning by about 20 minutes and I would normally chase price in these instances. This time I just let it go. I'm quite pleased with that.

    Dom D

  • I've enjoyed this journey immensely. Learning things about yourself is not always fun. I've learned that I haven't always approached things with the right mindset or even the right motivation. That's a hard truth. Even though there is still much work to be done, I believe I've become a better person. As far as trading goes, I've been able to take the losers less personally than I normally would have. I've been approaching my days with a little more enthusiasm, standing a little taller. Little steps...

    Jonathan H.

  • I've gotten your 3 courses now and I couldn't say enough good things about them. The way you teach in your programs is very easy to understand and even the stuff that goes over my head I only have to watch a couple of times for it to sink in. All the strategies are great and the forum is really well set up for people to support each other. On top of all of that, it was just really-really good value for money compared to all of the other educational programs out there.

    Daniel L

  • Thanks a ton mate, your course has changed the way of my trading...


  • I love your Ichimoku course. And I would like to recommend it. Have you any referral program in place? Best wishes!

    Jerome B

  • I just want to put on record my thanks for the quality of the course content. It represents stupendous value and you've made yourself available on a constant basis to guide us forwards.

    Steve M.,

  • Chris, this video was like first day in school all over again but without the fear of the unknown as everything now makes so much sense. This should be the first lesson for every trader.

    Alin T.