• I finished lesson 6 and it seems so clear why I have inconsistency in my performance. Just an incredible first half of the course as I have learned more about myself in these few lessons than all the years and books I've read combined. I can't wait to continue! Kind regards.

    Ivan R

  • Firstly, I just want to say a huge "Thank you!" Your courses have significantly improved my overall trading ability and the information I've learned regarding price action has helped me secure a position on the trading desk at my current employment.

    Adam T

  • I am always trying to educate myself and find my legs. I studied Nial Fuller's course, learned price action the way he taught it and have found that those simple methods don't always work. Often they fail and the only thing that is a saving grace is a sound money management plan.

    Michael K

  • I appreciate all your articles about psychology. It influenced my professional and private life as well. Even my friends noticed, that I am going through some changes. I think I see much better now what is and what is not important in our lives. I am really glad I found you, so I just wanted to say "Thank you." :)

    Petra S

  • One thing that really separates you from the rest of the so-called 'mentors' out there is that you strive to teach the "why's" of price action vs. just looking for patterns with absolutely no thought behind it. Big difference.

    Cherie S, US

  • I would also like to say that this is probably the best value of any course I have ever taken, so thanks for what you are doing!

    Mike S, Independent Professional Trader

  • Lesson 4 is a real life-changer. I have watched it twice, taken notes and rewritten notes to try and take it all in. I am beginning to realize why I have had moderate success in some areas of my life and not in others. The foundation lessons were a superb introduction to this fascinating subject and lesson 4 is worth the course fee by itself. Thanks for all your hard work here. Regards.


  • I started with Nial Fuller, not to be raging on him or anything but I was not actually seeing my account grow at all. I was getting frustrated because I thought his communication and instruction skills were very poor to say the least. After a long while studying his teachings, they were not sinking in. When I saw your videos, it hit home. I have not logged into his forum in over 10 weeks as the material is a joke in there. I don't see how that guy has his members - I think he is an Internet marketer and not a real trader. I am quite confident you can help me make it with your price action trading.

    Stan A. Australia

  • I feel like I have truly made the right decision to follow your course and commitment to your Forex followers. Others who try to offer services like this have a lot to learn.

    Mark C

  • Hi Chris. Really enjoying doing your course. Seems like I am back in school re-learning price action - seeing things in a total new way, the methods are far more advanced than the traditional ways in all the other courses out there.

    Giles K