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What You'll Learn

In this options trading bootcamp, you'll learn 6 option trading strategies to generate monthly income.

You'll also learn how to optimize your option trades by partnering them with optimal price action patterns and contexts.

This options bootcamp also comes with a FREE intro to options ebook, which will help prepare you for the course and webinars.

Bootcamp Training Format

  1. Get a FREE Intro To Options eBook
  2. Access over 5 hours of instructional videos on a meta options trading strategy, 6 option strategies to generate income, along with the specific price action patterns to optimize your option trades with
  3. Get access to our options bootcamp private channel where students can ask questions, along with share option trade ideas with other traders

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Course Curriculum

  • Why Options Will Change The Way You Trade
  • Do You Want To Be An Option Buyer Or Seller?
  • 6 Option Strategies To Trade
  • Combining Option Strategies With Price Action Context
  • Analyzing Option P&L Diagrams
  • Working With Option Assignment
  • Option Greeks & How To Relate To Them
  • Final Notes & Suggestions From Chris

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this a one time fee?

    Yes, it's a one time fee for all current and future updates.

  • Do I get lifetime access?

    Yes you get lifetime access to the videos and recordings.

  • I have a full time job. Can I still trade your strategies if I only have a few hours per day?

    Yes, you can trade on any instrument, time frame or environment with our strategies, part-time or full time. You do not have to be there at a specific time per day to trade our strategies.

  • I'm interested and want to improve my training. What do I do next?

    Good question - sign up below to become a member now and get immediate access to the course. I'll send you an email to confirm your account after your order. From there you'll be able to jump into your first lesson and dive right in.

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Join now for a single one-time payment of $299.

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