Understanding Price Action

This lesson is focused on one of the least discussed topics in trading – price action. In this video we teach you how to identify a critical component of price action – Impulsive vs. Corrective moves.

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Hi, I'm Chris Capre, Founder of 2ndSkiesForex. I've turned $3,000 into $83,000 in my first 6 months of trading. I'm a verified profitable trader and trading mentor. I help traders of all levels change the way they think, trade and perform. As a professional trader, I specialize in trading price action and the Ichimoku cloud. As a trading mentor, I have one goal: to change the way you think, trade and perform using 18yrs of trading experience and cutting edge neuroscience to wire your brain for successful trading. Want to improve your trading edge and mindset? Check out my trading courses here.

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  • Thanks for the kind words, am glad it helps.

    Chris Capre

    • Larry Hoover

      Do you offer a weekly newsletter that might help a novice like me interested in trend trading with some focus on Ichimoku and Point and Figure? Thanks Larry

      • Hello Larry,

        In my weekly newsletter, I offer a weekly chart outlook that goes over the major trend along with key levels and points I am looking to enter. Many of these setups are ichimoku and trend trading, although I don’t do point and figure.

        But I have a ton of videos on trend trading and ichimoku trading which you can find here;

        Particularly the ichimoku videos as those systems concentrate heavily on trend trading. But, I also teach trend trading techniques in my Price Action Course as well fyi.

        Hope this helps.

        Kind Regards,

  • Our goal is to provide high quality education so am glad you are enjoying the site

    Chris Capre

  • 9+years now

  • Samuel Nathan

    Hi Chris,

    I am Samuel Nathan from Ghana – West Africa. I am so so much interested in becoming consistently profitable in my trading but it looks like the harder i try, the more difficult it gets.
    I would like you to help me change this since I’ve paid so so much for courses which amount to nothing. I am however very confident that learning to understand and read price action is the simplest and best way for me. Could you kindly help advice on how I can get registered for you course? Waiting to hear from you.

    • Hello Samuel,

      Your story is a common one in trying harder but getting lesser results. If you are going down the wrong path, then driving faster down this road only brings you further away from your destination.

      Luckily your situation can be changed with the right training which you intuited well, especially regarding price action which tends to simplify and demystify the market.

      You can sign up for the course on the following page;
      Advanced Price Action Course

      Scroll to the bottom, click on the buy now button and once your order is done, I will get it registered as soon as possible so you can start with the course. You can pay via any major CC/Debit card or paypal account.

      Email me via the Contact Page if you have any questions around this.

      Looking forward to working with you and help improve your trading via the Price Action Course.

      Kind Regards

  • Andre Camacho

    Wonder question: Price action, Ichimoku… All very interesting, but where do you place your stops?

    • Hello Andre,

      Good question, although a loaded one. It really depends upon the system we are using as we have specific price action systems and specific ichimoku systems.
      Each one of them are rule-based and has their own unique stop depending upon the system so cannot really comment on our price action or ichimoku stops from the online trading courses.

      However, if you have a reference from one of our free videos, am happy to address them specifically.

      Looking forward to your response

      Kind Regards

  • pigbat

    Just starting the Understanding Price Action video. One thing that I find exceptional is the way Mr. Capre references terms implying the momentum of the currency- “the buyers are in control, the sellers have evaporated,” even the word battle. This seemingly psychological interpretation is something completely foreign to me- I have always regarded forex as pretty technical, but the way Mr. Capre refers to it is as if it’s about emotion. I think that’s interesting.

    • Forex is pretty technical, but its definitely a battle between buyers and sellers, and the battle is waged with money and numbers of players on your side. I find it helps to keep this perspective when trading and interpreting order flow


  • smith

    Hi chris, my name is Mr. Smith, from Nigeria, i realy enjoyed your video on price action. but the problem i have with signing up is that all this payment processors, CC,DEBIT CARD and even paypal does not accept Nigerians. please is there any other way i can make the payment?