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price action, order flow and transitions 2ndskiesforex.com

In this forex order flow video I discuss how to read the price action, order flow and the transitions behind trends or reversals.

pin bar forex trading strategy the 50 percent retracement myth 2ndskiesforex.com

Today’s article is going to discuss and dispel the 50% retracement entry myth on the pin bar strategy. The goal today is to talk about why this entry by itself is a complete misunderstanding of price action, order flow, and

how to trade trends price action highly imbalanced gold 2ndskiesforex.com

Today’s forex strategy article is not going to be your typical ‘how to do trend trading‘ article, where you see the perfect pullback setups, hear about ‘trading from value‘ , or ‘1, 2, 3  reversal patterns‘, or about ‘naturally occurring

trading support and resistance key levels breaking through resistance 2ndskiesforex.com

Today’s article will focus on forex trading support and resistance key levels as this seems to challenge many developing traders. Learning how to trade support and resistance key levels is critical, because in essence, this is where; a) you will

avoiding losses in forex trading 2ndskiesforex.com

I had an interesting conversation with a developing trader about avoiding losses in forex trading. After discussing the subject with them for a few mins, I realized there seems to be a great misunderstanding about trading and losses. This is

price action breakouts and order flow chris capre 2ndskiesforex.com eurjpy

Today I am writing a potent article about pre-qualifying forex breakouts, particularly understanding them from a price action & order flow perspective.  When you pre-qualify a breakout, you put yourself in a position to identify it as a high or

3 tips for highly effective stops dynamic support S&P 500 2ndskiesforex.com jan 28th

One of the more difficult aspects for traders is placing highly effective stops. Either most beginning traders place stops too tight or too far away.  Place stops too close to your entry and they are likely to get hit.  Too

impulsive price action 3 tips for beginning traders 2ndskiesforex.com

Today’s price action tip article is designed to give any beginning, or non-profitable trader, 2 critical tips to help accelerate your learning curve and avoid the pitfalls almost everyone falls into.  If you can learn to follow these two beginner

impulsive and corrective price action gold trade 4hr chart 2ndskiesforex.com

The learning process never ends for a trader.   The market is always evolving and you have to adapt. Algorithmic trading was about 3% of the FX market in 04′.  Now 28% of it is just HFT’s alone! Think that

high quality signal trading like a sniper 2ndskiesforex.com

I recently wrote a controversial article dispelling some of the misconceptions about the ‘Quality vs Quantity‘ argument, the ‘Less is More‘ being better for your trading.  It has already garnered a lot of questions and responses on the web, which

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