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    • Sharpen Your Trading Edge
    • Improve Your Day-To-Day Performance
    • Increase Your Confidence, Discipline & Consistency

Elite performers put more into training than the actual event. After this course, you will never see price action the same. Become the next elite trader.

Chris Capre
Founder of 2ndSkiesForex

Before you I couldn't make successful trades after trying for months. Now I am so consistent trading the EURUSD it has totally changed my trading.

Andrew D

You want to make money trading. You have a passion for it and becoming successful. Recognize the opportunity and see the challenge in this.

Likely you've been working hard to trade profitably, but find yourself struggling to produce consistent results. You understand something is missing.

  • Maybe you can't seem to find consistency in your trading
  • Perhaps you are in a draw down and not sure what to do
  • Many times the stress of being a trader has caused you to make mistakes

Most courses just provide 'information'. If you want to survive the learning curve most traders fail at, you have to go beyond an 'informational course'.

Our course is completely different. We focus on developing skills, have students engage in structured practice, then tackle real-world situations.

We are a 'skill-based course' that is solution focused, which is why we differ from all the other 'courses' out there.

Through this training, hard work and practice, you can achieve your trading goals.

Those who take this training on in full make continual progress, see changes in their mindset, and start to trade profitably.

I thought I knew how to trade price action. After watching your course videos, I can now say with confidence I am really learning how to trade with price action.

Ali N

Register today & you get immediate access to:

45+ Hours of Price Action Course Videos

You get access to over 40+ videos packed with strategies, examples and advanced price action techniques. Each one is clear and specific. You'll get to watch and see exactly how I trade my own money using these exact same strategies.

Trade Setups Commentary + Trader Quizzes

3x per week you'll get access to my trade setups ideas and price action analysis on the market. I cover the price action context, what key levels I'm watching, my trend bias (bullish or bearish), and entry locations.

Most members use this not only to profit from the trade ideas, but to compare what they're doing vs. what I'm seeing in the market.

In addition to this, I do two weekly trader quizzes to test your knowledge and price action skills in the current market.

It's absolutely amazing to see how close the market behaved today when compared with your Daily Commentary. Your ability to read the price action is inspirational!

Zoran V

Live Trade Setups Forum

Myself, senior traders and forum members post trade setups in the members area, so you always have lots of eyes on the market.
We trade forex, global indices and commodities. Look for specific trade setups based on specific strategies or instruments.

Develop a Winning Trading Psychology

I've been studying Neuroscience for the past two decades, meditating every day for 15 of those years, and completed a 1 year meditation retreat.

No other trading mentor has this unique combination of training and experience, which I share with you on how to develop a winning trading psychology.

Just think - a 1% difference in your mindset could drastically increase your profits.

What you'll get in this course

  • Learn to Trade With the Trend
  • Building Successful Trading Psycology
  • Identify Order Flow Behind the Price Action
  • How to Prepare for Your Tranding Day
  • Identify Critical Support & Resistance Levels
  • Building Expert Trading Skills
  • Identify the Most Important moves in Market
  • Learn How to Gauge Your Growth
  • Know When Hign-Probabilitty Breakouts are Forming
  • 3-Dimensional Risk Management
and 30+ other lessons

This training has far surpassed my expectations. I don't beat myself up anymore when I make a mistake. My negative self talk & fear/doubt/worry has pretty much stopped. I never thought I'd get past these mental hurdles.

Dom D

Your Membership Includes:

  • Private Monthly Member Webinars

    This webinar has been the biggest mind blowing moment in my quest to become a successful trader. I was always waiting for certain price patterns & signals that never formed, missing the boat for hundreds and hundreds of pips when the market runs. I am so glad I joined your course.

    Hugh D
  • Private Skype
    Follow Up Session

    It is clearly evident you are genuinely interested in helping people. I am amazed at how much time/energy you take to engage with your students.

    Eric S

Future webinars include:

  • How to Improve Your +R Per Trade
  • How to Eliminate Your Trading Weaknesses & Increase Your Strengths
  • Career Paths to You Becoming a Professional Trader
  • What is the 90/10 Rule & How Can This Help My Trading?
  • Advanced Price Action Context
  • Models to Managing Your Trades to Maximize Your +R
and more...

Why I'm Passionate About Your Trading Success

My goal with this course is simple: To change the way you think, trade and perform.

I do this through cutting edge neuroscience, my 15 year daily meditation practice, and over a decade of trading.

This gives me a unique combination of trading experience and mindset training nobody else has.

I'm passionate about helping you become a better trader and building a successful trading mindset.

That last lesson is a real life changer. I have watched it twice and I am beginning to realize why I have had limited success in trading while only moderate success in other areas of my life. This last lesson is worth the course fee in itself.


Frequently asked questions

  • Is this a one time fee and do I have unlimited access to the videos?

    Yes, it's a one-time fee and you have lifetime access to the course and videos.

  • What kind of support do I get and how is the follow up session conducted?

    You get full email support from me, a free follow up session from me, and access to the traders forums. The follow up session is usually done via Skype after a student logs at least 20 trades in their trading journal and presents it to me beforehand.

  • I am a complete newbie in trading. How will this course benefit me?

    Of all the trading skills you can have, price action would be the most important base you can have. In this course I start with the most basic models of how to read and trade price action. From here there is a progression of lessons which start from the beginning and work their way up. I have every level of trader from beginners to fund traders, so the course is suitable for all levels.

  • I have a full-time job. Can I still use your systems and are there certain times of the day they only work on?

    A large majority of my students have full time jobs and still trade successfully using these systems. If they can, so can you. I have strategies that work throughout the day as there is a huge range of strategies from the 5m, 15m, 30m, 1hr, 4hr, daily and weekly charts, so regardless of your time zone and availability, there are strategies for you to trade.

  • What are the hit rates of your systems and are they subjective or rule-based and can be programmed?

    System accuracy is a meaningless figure without reward to risk ratios. I have over 11+ systems across 8+ instruments, across 6+ time frames, and accuracy varies per pair, time frame and system, so to list them all would be ridiculous.

  • I trade index futures, currency futures, and commodities. Do your systems work in these markets?

    Our systems work with any markets that have sufficient liquidity. I personally use them on forex, index futures and commodities.

  • If you are such a successful trader, then why do you teach?

    Good question - please read my article Why I Do This.

  • Do you post trade alerts in real time?

    No, as students would just hitch a free ride. My daily trade setups commentary is done after the NY Close Sun-Thurs.
    My students and top traders however post their trades before, during and after daily.

  • Are there any independent reviews of your course?

    Yes, you can find them here on the following link (2ndSkiesForex Reviews).

You get:

45+ Hours of Inductional Videos, Trade Setups 3x per Week, Trader Quizzes 2x per Week, Live Trade Setups Forum, Members Only Webinars, Private Follow Up Session, Full Email Support & More

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