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Find Greater Consistency in Your Trading

Build a Successful Trading Mindset

Skill Focused – Solution Based Training

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You want to be a good trader. You have a passion for trading. Recognize the opportunity and see the challenge in this.

Likely, you have been working hard to trade profitably, but find yourself struggling to produce consistent results. You understand something is missing:

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  • Maybe you've lost more than you've won
  • Maybe you just can't find consistency in your trading
  • Maybe the stress and anxiety of being a trader has overwhelmed you
  • Maybe you've been on a losing streak of late and not sure what to do

If you want to survive the learning curve most traders fail at, you have to go beyond an 'informational course'. Most 'courses' or 'training programs' provide information.Although information is necessary, it is not sufficient to trade successfully.

We focus on developing skills, have students engage in structured practice, and then tackle real-world trading situations.This is why we differ from all other 'courses' out there.

Through hard work, practice and proper training, you can achieve your trading goals. Those who do make continual progress, see changes in their mindset, and start to trade profitably.

"If you want something you've never had, you'll have to do things you've never done."

What You Can Expect To Learn from My Course

  • Learn to Trade With the Trend
  • Building a Successful Trading Psychology
  • Identify Order Flow Behind the Price Action
  • How to Prepare for Your Trading Day
  • Identify Critical Support & Resistance Levels
  • Building Expert Trading Skills
  • Identify the Most Important Moves in the Market
  • Learn How to Gauge Your Growth
  • Know When High-Probability Breakouts are Forming
  • 3-Dimensional Risk Management
  • Advanced Pin Bar Trading
  • Find Your Natural Trading Style
  • Our Intra-day 3P HLR Setup
  • Get Over Fears, Doubts, & Build Confidence
  • Five 1 & 2 Bar Price Action Patterns
  • How to Advance Your Pattern Recognition Skills
  • Quantitative Data on 5 Price Action Patterns
  • Build A Professional Trading Plan
  • Finding Intra-day 6NT Pullbacks
  • How to Trade Like a Business
  • Understand When Tops & Bottoms are Forming
  • Know When To Trade, and When Not To
  • When to Trade Counter-Trend
  • Build A Mindset of Abundance

Here's What Students Are Saying About The Course...

I really love the PA course and have learned so much about price behavior, order flow and what is really moving the markets. Slowly but surely I'm getting profitable with my trades, started in December with a small account and am already up over 20%!. Arthur, Germany – Course Member
I've just finished the PA course and learned your strategies after watching the ton of valuable material. In Nov/13 when I started this course, I had to cut off some wrong doings from my previous courses I had. However, Now on Dec/13 I've already banked +620pips and I'm feeling like I'm finally getting it as I'm seeing the charts in a whole new way aside from typical price patterns like pin bars. Very happy about that :) Wandy, Singapore – Course Member
Loving the systems from the Price Action Course as they are all rule-based which completely takes out the guesswork. I've already had several winners Not many people if any can back up their strategies with quantified data. Grant D, UK – Course Member

Advanced Pivot Point Trading

Along with the price action course and training, you also get access to the Advanced Pivot Point Trading Course, specifically focused on trading intra-day with price action.

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We've tested more than 10 unique metrics on pivot points over the past 10 years regarding:

  • The percentage change of any single pivot point being broken on any given day
  • The percentage chance that if one pivot is broken, the next one will be touched
  • How close price has to get to a pivot before it is likely to touch it
  • How to trade reversals with pivot points (reversion to the mean)
  • How to find optimum breakouts using pivot points (RS3 breakouts)

You will not find this information anywhere, which would take you years to compile on your own (as it did for me).

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YOU GET: 45+ Hours of Instructional Videos, Daily Trade Setups Newsletter, Live Trade Setups Forum, Members Only Webinars, Private Follow Up Session, Full Email Support & More

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