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Two Live Trades – How Beginners & Professionals Manage Their Trades

All traders want their trades to immediately go either into profit towards their target in a b-line, or towards their stop loss. The time is what kills most beginning/intermediate traders who are struggling to be profitable because it creates all this indecision.

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you how beginning and professional traders manage their trades as I share with you two live trades I’m in right now that have turned out completely differently than the other.

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1:10 – what every beginning trader wants their trades to look like
2:50 – negativity bias and how this affects your trading
3:46 – getting out of trades too early
4:45 – how professional traders manage their trades
6:00 – why you need to work on your trading mindset
7:18 – what you’ll have to do to manage your trades

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