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3 thoughts on “The Ichimoku Cloud”

  1. Hey!
    Great video and I appreciate your webinar’s Chris. Very informative.
    Would you set your Kumo cloud (Top and Bottom – Senkou Span A&B) / Cloud shift values any differently for a 5 min period other than hourly or daily default values?
    Is there any benefits in changing the default if looking to day trade?
    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Scott,
      I generally have found no statistical edge in changing the values, but if one really understands the Ichimoku Cloud along with Ichimoku number theory, then one would not change the values along those lines as well.
      So I prefer to keep them the same.
      Kind Regards,

  2. Thanks for giving light on this one. Viewing your webinars and free videos have been a very wonderful experience for me. The explanations are very simple, entry and exit points are clearly defined. Everytime I watch your videos, it seems that bits and pieces of the huge puzzle called FOREX falls into place and my demo trading is now more focused.

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