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Ichimoku Trading – Finding Support and Resistance using the Ichimoku Cloud

In this Ichimoku trading system video you can learn how to spot different levels of support and resistance which move and reverse pairs.

2 thoughts on “Ichimoku Trading – Finding Support and Resistance using the Ichimoku Cloud”

  1. I seriously appreciate your effort, each time i watch your video or read your read your article it makes me feel happy and i understand the market more. please can this kumo support and resistance work perfectly with other currency too aside jpy like say eurusd pair.
    Thanks for the help chris, you are great

    1. Hello Adebisi,
      Nothing works perfect in the markets, but when used with knowledge, the kumo along with the other ichimoku components be powerful for determining s/r levels.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

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