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Trading FTSE 100 for +110 Points

Watch a live price action breakout pullback setup for +110 points (+2R) on the FTSE 100. In this forex trade video, the first thing I establish is my trading ‘framework‘ which is the process and format I go about choosing my price action trade setups. Then I talk about the price action context and how that helps me establish what trading strategies I want to use. Once I have this, I show you how I pick my entry,  stop loss placement and take profit. If you want to learn to make trade setups like this, check out my price action course where you get access to our members trade setups forum, private member webinars, trader quizzes, and a free ‘trading analytics‘ session with me where I do 20+ metrics on your trading and give you actionable insights on increasing your accuracy and profitability.

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