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Forex Trading Q&A – How Do You Know What Price To Get In For Your Trade Setup?

In our new youtube series, we’ll be answering questions from the trading community covering various topics such as trading strategies, how to trade the forex market, risk management, trading psychology and how to build a winning mindset.

If you’ve struggled with any aspects of this in your trading, then make sure to post a comment as we might feature your comment in the next video.

In this week’s video, we’re answering a question from Dennis who asked that since we don’t trade confirmation price action signals, how do we choose our price to get in and what methods do we employ? 

Dennis also talked about some trading situations such as:

-price coming 1 pip from our entry and taking off towards our target
-price creating a false break, stopping us out and then going to our target

He wanted to know how we manage all these uncertainties.

Has this ever happened to you?

If so, then make sure to watch this forex trading video and leave a comment to get your question asked in the next video.

My job as a trading mentor is to help you get better today and start realizing the skills, mindset and potential you have to make money trading.

Sometimes resilience is the most important quality you can have when things are challenging and you’re not finding the progress and success you believe is possible.

If so, consider finding a trading mentor, and in the meantime, keep going and fighting for what’s important to you as the payoff is worth it.

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