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Focus, Trading & Your Brain: Why This Matters

How to improve focus, emotional IQ and your trading psychology.

Video Timeline:
00:54 – talking about fear of missing a trading and mindset
01:40 – revenge trading
02:54 – how many thoughts your brain has per day
03:10 – how many thoughts are you aware of per day
03:30 – how your brain is wired to lose money trading
04:20 – shocking study on worldwide employee engagement (gallup)
05:04 – 2016 study by gallup on employee engagement
05:33 – your brain and neuroplasticity
07:05 – how work creates habits that affect your trading performance
08:54 – meditation for trading and why it helps your trading performance
09:51 – meditation lessons in my advanced price action course

4 thoughts on “Focus, Trading & Your Brain: Why This Matters”

  1. Hello Chris, this was a VERY informative presentation. It resonates with me 100%. Sadly, I am one of the % that is disengaged at work. And, because of that, yes, I’ll admit it, my focus is horrendous. I literally cannot wait for EOD so I can go and focus on something that I am truly interested in, trading. However, I need help. My trading skills remain something to be desired for. Right now, I’m shooting from all over, the shot gun approach, spray and pray. I truly have the desire to learn, but I have a problem. I can paper trade and make $$$ without any issues. However, the second I switch to LIVE, the brain ceases up. For example, @ 3PM today, I laid out 10 contracts on /CL and banked $1200 on 2 minutes. If that was LIVE, I would have been deer in the headlights. I know I can do this, and I truly want to. Not just for me, but for all the other people I could help and increase their standards of living. I was poor, and have hustled to where I am, but I want out of corp. I’m exhausted and bored. My life is slipping away in a cubicle. How friggin sad is that? I have this burning desire inside me to help other people, but I have to get this under control first, be profitable, and truly show them its possible. People all deserve a better standard of living, and if I can help those who want it, I want to show them its possible so they and their kids can have a better standard of life, Having $$ certifiably helps dreams come true. Next steps, what should they be? Can you help me make this a reality?

    1. Hello Again BP,
      Many people have this issue of doing well on demo and than struggling live.
      The key is likely training and mindset.
      Mindset in how its affecting you risking real money on the line, and training because you haven’t wired the right habits to manage trades well, pick high probability trades without your mind becoming too busy or worried.
      We’ll teach you how to work with this in the Advanced Price Action Course when you become a member.
      Until then, all the best and hope to be working with you soon.
      Kind Regards,

  2. Interesting presentation!
    Meditation definitely makes a difference in my trading as well as in experiencing daily life… sitting for 15 minutes a day (morning) and a short workout after helps big time…Focus and Calmness is what I get out of it and that’s essential in trading imo.

    1. Hello Dan – glad you liked the presentation
      Yes, the science is clear about meditation and how it helps your brain. That obviously impacts trading, so am glad you’re experiencing it in trading and your daily life as well.

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