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[Video] Chris Capre’s Verified Forex Trading Results 2017

Chris Capre shares his verified forex trading results for 2017. If you want to see a professional forex trader’s results, make sure to watch the video where I share with you how much profit I made (%) for the year, risk management, % trading accuracy, profitable months, and more.

Transcript of the video below:

What’s up traders, Chris Capre here, 2ndSkiesForex.com. So I am done trading for the year. Probably actually several days ago. Kind of stopped trading, I haven’t added any new positions. And unless I get a real cherry, I’m not going to add anything till after Christmas. Why does that matter. Because I’m going to show you with verified results that I made money in 2017. The bottom line is it comes down to this 7% of all people who open an account on January 1st will be in profit at the end of the year and I’m one of those persons and I’m going to show you that with verified results that I make money trading. But before we do that a super brief background. So in 2014/2015 I had been making the transition from just trading FX to multi-asset class. There are a lot of different things that I want to start trading but just most retail brokerages FX brokerages just do not have multi-asset class.

They have a few things but that’s it. So in late 2015 I had moved everything from FXCM to Citibank and Saxo Bank and those are true multi-asset class platforms. I’m looking at actually Eikon Reuters right now as a possible potential platform. But yeah I’ve been I’ve been moving towards multi-asset class for a while. Not just an FX trader or a professional forex trader, I am a true multi-asset class trader. I have open positions right now in rare earth metals, in Australian stocks and Canadian stocks, CFD, FX options, FX, I mean trade EM Bond ETF I trade it all. And that’s because I want to expose myself to all these different markets and you know there are many times where the FX market class or asset class is very low volatility and if something’s low volatility and that’s my only asset class that I’m kind of stuck.

And there are just tons of trading opportunities in a lot of different asset classes that I like to explore and expose myself to.

So made that move in late 2015, and in late 2016 I kept getting these e-mails from FXCM about the MiFID 2 update and I need to update my account info – citizenship information, all kinds of stuff. With the new regulations that are coming with that and so on trying to find out what is going on I logged into my FXCM and it turns out I actually had one active account. And that’s this one right here. I’m showing you the first two numbers and the last two numbers. The account balance is not your business; my personal financials are not your business. But I had tons of accounts with FXCM. I had Ichimoku accounts, swing, day trading, position trading, carry trade – you know, all kinds of stuff. And this one happened to be my testing account so it didn’t have a whole lot of money in it.

We used a live account to test different theories we had the market different strategies we were looking at, anything that we’d kind of want to test or explore. We did this with this account. So I found out I still had money in this account. I was like “Holy Shit, OK well since I’m not going to be paying my mortgage with it” in late 2016 when I discovered it I said “OK, I’m going to, you know Saxo Bank doesn’t connect to my myFxBook or anything like that. Neither does Citibank by any means”. Most, in fact you’re going to find most multi-asset class platforms, true multi-asset class platforms don’t. Most professional platforms don’t. I’m actually looking at Eikon and for sure they don’t.

So anyways. I made the decision, said OK, I’m going to trade this for 2017, I’m going to bite my lip and have a lot of people continue to say a lot of b.s. about me and how I’m not a real professional forex trader and how I don’t make money and just going to bite my lip and then at the end of the year I’m going to basically show that it’s all wrong and there it is that’s all incorrect that you’re all completely inaccurate and that I make money trading with verified results. So that’s the background.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at the account that ends in the 1 6 and we’re going to get into FXCM’s trading analytics and just to verify, hey this is “Welcome to myFXCM, that’s my email address. And in case you’re wondering myFXCM only shows accounts that are your live account they don’t show your demo accounts. So this is not a demo account, this is live money. And so what are we seeing here it’s the same account number, the start date is January first and the end date is today. And when you click on the percentage returns what do you see. You see that I made money trading in 2017. I am the 7%. Now, before we get into the numbers I have to give you a disclaimer. This whole 94 percent number isn’t actually accurate. I actually made about like 29%/30% on the year.

I’ve contacted FXCM on why they are showing a number that is three times larger than it should be and they gave me some really long explanation some really long formula and the formula is way beyond my math capacities I mean I read it and I was like “uh?”.

But there are some things that are completely accurate.

For example profitable months. You can see that I won more months than I lost. You can see that my biggest winning months are way bigger than my biggest losing months. Basically if I made 30 percent you need to take all these numbers and divide them by three roughly and that’s your answer about how much I did. So my biggest winning month I did about 20 percent return. My biggest loosing month I had about a 5 percent loss. I had no more than two loosing months in a row. I took off in May because I was moving during that time period. It was just a lot of packing a lot of stuff and I just couldn’t concentrate on it right now. And then November/December with the holidays. You know I’m done pretty much at this point there was no point in me proving that I know how to make money trading I’d already shown over 9/10 months that I DO make money trading.

And you know what do you see when you dig into the stats. Best month obviously worst month this one percentage of profitable months out of nine months trading. I won five and lost four. Average month return if you divide this by three is about 3 percent. Standard deviation this has to do with volatility. But none of this changes the fact that I in my biggest winning months, I won way more than my biggest losing months and I won more months than I lost.

When we go into account statistics here. Gross PNL not your business, again my financials are not your business. The cumulative return is the same, the RR is the compounded monthly rate of return, percentage of profitable trades 58.33%. So if I took 100 trades I won 58 and lost 42. Sharpe Ratio 1.21 is actually an excellent number – you want a Sharpe Ratio of one or better. Everything above that shows really good trading control volatility. Drawdown – same thing, if you divide it by 3 comes out to about 4.5%. If you divide the Max Drawdown by 3 it comes out to about 10 percent. So I made 29%/30% percent on the year and my Max Drawdown was 10 percent. Or if you stick with their numbers, Max Drawdown was 30% and I made 94%.

So a third or less than a third of what my actual total profit was. I am sure a lot of hedge fund managers and a lot of professional traders would have been very happy making 29%/30% return on the year and only have a 10 percent max drawdown on that. So Max Drawdown date was on the end of January. Max run up my actual Max run up, if you divide by 3 is about 41% for a little over 41, I don’t know, 41%/44% percent. You know I remember roughly that was my Max run up and after the drawdown I kept trading. It’s not like I said oh god I got to preserve all this or anything like that. No I just kept trading because I trust my ability to handle losses and handle drawdowns and make money trading.

And the last piece of data here. Obviously I mean average gain average loss again my personal finances and none of your business. But if I made more money on my biggest winning months than I did losing months and I won more months than I lost and I have a positive Sharpe Ratio of 1.21, then obviously I made more money on my wins than my losses. There’s just no way around that. Average trade duration 428 minutes – roughly seven hours. So I did have some long trades and I did have some short trades. But the majorities were intraday trades. So that whole narrative that a lot of those kind of fake Price Action gurus talk about that you “shouldn’t day trade”. Nobody makes money day trading you know. Avoid day trading and all that. It’s complete bullshit. It’s just complete bullshit. If you really actually think it’s possibly true, walk into 10 prop firms, and just ask them “Hey, I heard that nobody makes money day trading”.

I guarantee you’re going to find a lot of people and they are going to laugh at you and you’re gonna probably have people in there who are going to show you that they’re making hundreds of thousands maybe millions of dollars a year, day trading. People make money day trading. People make money swing trading. People make money position trading. It’s a very convenient narrative, if you are only a supposed “higher time frame trader” to pitch the whole “day trading thing doesn’t work” but it’s complete B.S. You go into institutions and you’re going to find every type of trader and timeframe possible. So if you ever hear that narrative that you should never day trade, nobody makes money day trading, it’s complete bullshit.

That’s what it is. Excuse my language but it is. With that being said I’ve now demonstrated that I am the 7% – that I make money trading. There’s nothing you can do to change those facts. There is nothing you can do to change the fact that I made money in 2017 that I won more months than I lost, that when I won, I won a lot more than I lost. There’s nothing you can do to change that. That shows good risk control that shows an ability to find higher +R trades than I lost. So if I lose $10,000 dollars on a loss, then I’m making well over $10,000 dollars when I win and since I’m winning 58% of my trades, you start doing the math. Now I am talking with myFXbook and FXCM. I’m trying to actually get the trading station publisher as myFXBook to connect with myFXCM.

But I actually think the problem is on FXCM’s side there’s a problem with the API and my account not communicating or not connecting with the API on myFXBooks’ side. My guess is, based on the logs and everything I’ve seen in my limited tech support understanding, it seems like the actual issue is on FXCM’s side, so I’m talking with them as we speak. I have a call with an agent not too far from now, literally later today, to try and see if we can figure this out. What’s going on with the API and why isn’t it communicating to the trading station publisher. But if we can fix it I will be publishing another video showing the myFXBook account, showing exactly what I said –

made 29% return on the year. Won more months than I lost, won more my biggest winning months than losing months you’re going to see all the same data. Nothing is going to change. So if we can get that working I will gladly do a video on that and show you that as well, and demonstrate even further. Regardless though, next week we’re actually showing a video of a student who had a six figure live account and he did 300 percent from April till end of November. And again we, you know, I don’t know how many times I have to do this – I’ve shown time and time again my students make money trading. Now I’ve shown I make money trading there’s nothing any of the cynics or the doubters or the haters or whatever can do to change that.

As Winston Churchill’s quote said, there it is. So I’ll look forward to your comments and questions and I’m sure it’s going to be a live one. I’m sure it’s going to be still more doubters and cynics and the great thing is is that if that continues, then you just proved my point. So with that being said, I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to be working with you soon and see you inside my course.

28 thoughts on “[Video] Chris Capre’s Verified Forex Trading Results 2017”

  1. Hi Chris can you connect that FXCM acc to myfxbook, just sharing percentage returns and trade history. Would add alot of cred. I use myfxbook with fxcm and it works well to verify results.

    1. Hello Mykl,
      First off, I don’t have to ‘add cred’. I’ve already done that by showing verified results we made money in 2017. How many other trading educators have done that? Virtually none as far as I can tell. So as far as ‘cred’, we’re higher than almost everyone out there.
      We were able to connect it after a lot of back and forth + technical support, took screenshots, and closed the account because we weren’t trading with fxcm anymore.
      The % returns confirm exactly what we said it would (~30% return).
      But we wouldn’t share trade history as that’s not anyone’s business.
      We’ll probably share the screenshots one day which show % returns and risk of ruin (which was 0% for the account). For now, we don’t have to as we’ve already gone beyond proving we make money trading well beyond anyone out there in the business.

  2. i have seen yours videos but the lot size in your live trading is small, u get more than 100 pips but the PL only $100. if u so sure about your method why your lot size so small?

    1. Hello Jessica,
      You seem to be confused. None of the videos show lot size or P&L in terms of $’s. What they do show is PROFIT IN TERMS OF PERCENTAGE RETURN OR PIPS (not $’s), so there seems to be a confusion on your part here.

  3. Hey Chris
    Thanks for sharing your results.
    May I ask how much your max. DD was during the year?
    Kind Regards

  4. cool story bro… how many accounts were you trading to get that one positive account… let me guess, you burned money on other accounts to prove retarded returns on this account… cool strategy

    1. Funny questions bro.
      That was the only account I traded for FXCM that year. Do you have evidence to suggest otherwise?
      Regardless, what you’re saying makes no sense. Why? 2 No-Brainer Reasons:
      1) If you think about it, I changed to Saxo Bank’s charts and videos in the beginning of 2016. So what…you think I just used their charts for 2 whole years, while secretly trading with FXCM, just to show I had a profitable account with FXCM?
      How likely do you think that is?
      2) So you’re saying that I just traded miserably in all my other accounts, with no risk management, no ability to make more on my wins than losses, no ability to be profitable more mos than not, no ability to be more profitable on winning mos vs losing mos, yet I had one isolated island of an account, a total island of ttrading behavior, that only applied to this one account, and that account somehow showed great risk mgmt, much larger wins than losses, much larger winning mos than losing mos, winning more than losing, and just crushed it while all these other supposed accounts didn’t make a dime, and had horrible trading practices?
      Do you realize how ridiculous (and unlikely) that sounds? How far-fetched it sounds?
      Thinking like a trader, which is more probable?
      Are you so confident in this speculation of yours, you’re willing to bet $10K USD that not one other account with FXCM was traded in 2017?
      I’m willing to take that bet to the mat.
      You…my guess is no.

  5. Hello Chris, i would like to know your percentage risk per trade or was it a fixed amount per trade?

  6. After completing the video, I’m interested to take notes this two things “trade entry in low time frame is so powerful” and “excuse my language”.

  7. Hi, Chris Capre.
    Its me honour to say few comments about You.
    Infact I have started to trade with your free video and article. I have made handsome amount profit during last few years.
    I really greatful to you.
    Dr Nizam

    1. Hello Nizam,
      Am glad you’re finding benefit from our free forex trading articles and videos (and of course profiting from them 😉
      Keep up the good work and thanks for the positive comments.

  8. Chris how come you still able to use FXCM when FXCM sold their accounts to forex.com, and closed their trading for US residence?

    1. Hello David,
      I opened those accounts while I was living in Mexico, so they were kept open. Now with MIFID II, they’re not allowing me to do anything till I can show I’m living outside the US (which I cannot as I’m in the US for now).

      1. Oh, I see, makes sense.. I thought you had a way around. I personally really like their platform for PC and mobile, would love to go back trade with them. Tried to open account through different country but they wouldn’t let me do it.

      1. Yes this 2017 is a tremendous year for me so far in my trading career.
        Positive comment is my honor to give here.
        It’s so great.
        Thanks again.

        1. Hello Tjenarvi Tje,
          Am glad to hear your 2017 was a great year for you in your trading career, and that we could be a part of it.
          May you experienced continued success, clarity and health in the new year.

  9. people are lazy and
    jealous , that s all , don t waste your time to explain this Harjot who he is !!!!!
    Do your job and that s it.
    You are great person with passion.

    1. Yeah, we decided to not talk about him, so just re-uploaded the video without mentioning him. His day with a voice in our channel is done.
      Appreciate the positive response.

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