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[Video] Can You Make $5,000 Trading Per Week?

Is it possible to consistently make $5,000 per week in forex trading? Watch the video…

9 thoughts on “[Video] Can You Make $5,000 Trading Per Week?”

  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the vid. Liked it alot. I signed on to the APA a while ago and just started to pick up on it again. Yes, slowly I become aware of the fact that in trading, to make money for living is to start with a large sum of money, or to attract money from others for trading. So I’m working on the latest option, as the first option will not be working out somewhere in the next future 🙂

    1. Yes, many people think the only way forward is to have a lot of money, then realize they don’t have enough, and give up. There are so many avenues to getting capital besides your own if you can show some good trading skills, risk management and a strong mindset.
      So keep up with this, and hope you are the next to turn the corner.

  2. Hi Chris, really enjoyed the video. I understand the inconsistent nature of profit and loss and how hard it would be to plan on a particular percentage. I am curious though, how likely would it be that an individual trader would meet or exceed the returns made by that hedge fund? It seems like if an individual investor would not be able to likely exceed those kinds of returns, they would need to have a million dollar account to have a chance of trading for a living.

    1. Hello Mark,
      Glad you enjoyed the video.
      RE: Your Question
      Try not to think of this in a myopic way. You don’t just have to rely upon your own capital for making money trading. With a 1 year good track record, solid risk control, consistent $ mgmt + decent performance, you can attract capital from others.
      So while you may not have much capital, others do.
      Food for thought.

  3. Thanks a lot Chris for sharing this great video …it shows the real picture of the trading world…specially for newcomers with full of expectations & “get quick rich mentality”….
    Just wanted to know is it the right approach to analyse & trade concentrating on only one stock or commodity or forex instead of a basket of them? of course with some comfortable trade set ups & proper money management system….can I earn my living with one if I do with firm discipline?

    1. Hello Anjan – I appreciate the positive feedback.
      RE: One Instrument
      I generally recommend having several, mostly because volatility changes for instruments, and you may find periods with one instrument where there aren’t many trading opportunities.
      Remember, trade expectancy is highly dependent upon trade frequency, and if your trade frequency goes down, then your opportunities do as well.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Great video Chris and food for thought but I think if you ask the the Q ‘Can you make $5k’ the answer is obviously yes (averaging % oc) It is possible but the EXPECTATION must not be in place.
    Also I know you just using it as an example but the % earnings you showed by the hedge fund are based on a positive sum market (shares) and not a zero sum market (forex) which as we all know, you have to take money away from someone else in forex to actually make money.

    1. Hello Steve,
      Glad you liked the video.
      However you are incorrect about forex being a zero sum game. Most retail positions are offset by larger players who are taking smaller orders in bulk. Your orders most of the time aren’t being offset by another small player, but are being offset by large banks, hedge funds, institutions, etc.
      And they can be on larger time frames, so while you can make money on a short term play, they can make money on a larger swing.
      So it’s inaccurate to say forex is a zero sum game, because it’s not.
      Anyways, thanks for the comment and glad you liked the video.

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