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Beware: Nial Fuller’s Trading Is Like Gambling

Nial Fuller’s trades from the Million Dollar Trading Competition are out, and the results are horrible!

He traded using his supposed price action strategies. The results showed he had abysmal risk management, often traded without a stop loss or take profit, closed trades early panicking, and was gambling + day trading.

How did AxiTrader think it was a good idea to have Nial manage funds after this, with such horrible risk management, using no stop losses or take profits, and having inverted risk to reward ratios?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Watch the video below to see how Nial Fuller doesn’t trade like he says he does.

8 thoughts on “Beware: Nial Fuller’s Trading Is Like Gambling”

    1. You mean how Nial Fuller lied about how he only traded a handful of times? How Nial Fuller lied about not being a day trader? How Nial Fuller lied about using ‘sophisticated’ money management strategies?
      Are you saying he lied for the competition? Or are you talking about the marketing and being completely dishonest about how he trades?
      Good luck explaining that one amigo.

  1. This competitions has nothing to do with real trading. If you want to win you have to 1. take an insane risks and 2. you have to have a good portion of luck.
    With normal MM you stand no chance and some lucky gambler always wins.
    I do not understand why you analyse this nonsence better analyse his real long term trading if available and then we see what he is all about. How about that?

  2. Thanks for taking the time and effort for doing the above video. I use to trade like nial. Made crazy returns one time by taking crazy risk and throwing all the rules out the window. Though I loss it all and more before I could withdraw and no matter how hard I tried I was never able to get those returns again but instead I keep losing. Good thing is at least I’m not educating anyone in trading. Right now working 28 days a month 14 hours a day to build up my trading capital and your course fees. Chris please don’t retire before I’ve had the chance to learn from you!

  3. You’re completely wrong about one thing, Chris: you don’t need to be a “retail trader on crack” to use that kind of ‘sophisticated money management.’ Unfortunately, i’m pretty sure a lot of us have done it at some point without the slightest whiff of crack.

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