About Chris Capre

Chris Capre (Head Trader - 2ndSkiesForex) provides insights into stocks, options, forex, futures, commodities, and CFD trade setups, trade ideas, technical analysis and market commentary. Chris Capre uses his core models of trading price action context, the order flow behind it, and the ichimoku cloud. We offer pre-market live streams, live trading 4x week, exclusive video lessons and plenty more, for the members of our Trading Masterclass course. To learn more about becoming a member, click here.

Free Intro to Options Trading Course For Beginners, Part 2

The Best Options Trading Course for Beginners Part 2

In part 2 of our Options Trading for Beginners video, you’ll learn how and why to buy call and put options, and how they can benefit your trading. Call and put options are the basic building blocks of all option strategies, so getting this down is crucial. This is our in-depth beginner’s guide to options trading.

If you missed part 1, click here to watch it. We cover how options trading works, the option chain, option profit and loss, why you should trade options and much more.…

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