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How to Read Candlestick Charts, Price Action & Order Flow

If you want to learn how to read candlestick charts, find high probability candlestick patterns, and learn to read the price action + order flow, then make sure to watch this video.

In this video on candlestick chart trading, I cover some of the most important patterns you can learn to read in the charts and price action.

I further explain in detail two of my core candlestick chart patterns for trading forex, stocks, commodities, global indices and CFD’s.


0:27 – all trading decisions will come down to this

1:00 – the most proximate driver of price action is order flow

1:57 – why I don’t trade candlestick patterns and instead trade this

2:36 – my most important model for trading candlesticks and price action

3:40 – what is an impulsive move?

8:36 – what is a corrective move?

13:16 – live trade in the AUDJPY

17:48 – live trade Swiss Index (SIX)

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