Don’t Make This Mistake In Trading

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mistakes in trading

You followed your trading plan. You got in at a great trade location. You were calm as a hindu cow throughout and executed perfectly from A-Z.

But…that noise your platform makes when you lose money…you heard it, and your account is now smaller.

I did everything right, it looked great, and yet I lost money. What went wrong?

Nothing. You did nothing wrong…up until that point right there.


Because you made the one failure almost every losing trader makes. You missed one essential element that will drastically affect your trading performance.

Reinforce what you did correctly.

‘What does that mean?’

It means regardless of how much you won or lost on a trade, you reinforce what you executed correctly.

‘What if I only did one thing out of ten correctly?’

Doesn’t matter – reinforce it.

‘How does this help me when I lost money? I want that money back.’

Ya, no shit! So does everyone else in that situation.

‘Ok tell me – why do I need to reinforce what I did correctly when I lost money?’

Because beating yourself up damages your self-image. Because not reinforcing habits doesn’t help to reproduce them.

By thinking about and reinforcing what we did correctly, we increase the likelihood we’ll repeat them.

“We cannot control the movement of the market, but we can control our thinking process.”

And what we think about from the beginning to end of our trading day matters. It heavily determines our performance.

The more we control what we think about, the less mental errors we’ll have while trading. And that leads to greater performance over time.

It also leads to a stronger self-image that believes it is ‘like you‘ to trade successfully.

This tip is just one slide in twenty-six from just one video of the Advanced Traders Mindset Course.

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Remember, one of the key dividing lines between success and failure in trading lies in your mindset. Make yours a successful one.

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