WTI Crude Oil – Consolidation Range Holding At Trend Highs | Feb 27th

WTI Crude Oil – In Consolidation Range @ Trend Highs
Consolidating at the trend highs, the soft commodity is stuck between the 103 and 101.45 levels for over 8 days. Intra-day traders can play this range, but have tight stops as the range is likely to collapse soon. For those wanting to trade with the trend, watch for a break above the range, which suggests an attack on 105 is on the cards, but a daily close below 101 suggests further unwinding to 99.45 and perhaps 98.

Crude Oil Daily Market Commentary Feb 27th

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  • kk3981

    I love this site man, so much information on stuff that actually matters. I have one random question I’m just wondering whats does the EMA (expo moving average) exactly tell us? such as when it’s near the price or at the price, etc. Thank you Chris – Can’t wait to take your course in a month.

    • Chris Capre

      Hello Kamil,

      Glad you are digging the site. The EMA can act as a dynamic support or resistance in trends, while showing lack of price acceleration in ranges. There is more, but that is for course members on how we can use it and trade it.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre