Wrapping Up 2013, A Live Price Action Trade & Coming Next Year

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Wrapping Up The Trading Year
Today I made my last trade of the year and have unwound all my positions, ending the year off on a nice win and positive note. With tomorrow being the last trading day of the week, I am not going to write any market commentary as any professional traders will be winding things down for the year.

2013 was an incredibly positive year for 2ndSkiesForex in more ways than I can count. The year was not without challenges, and I’m not going to say it was all rosy. There will always be moments that are challenging both in the markets and in life.

But you learn more about yourself climbing up the mountain than you do on the summit. I have nothing but gratitude for this year and in working with such a great community of traders.

We recently had a webinar for members inside our course, and for all that shared their myfxbook accounts – over 32% were profitable for the last 3-12 months. Our top performer was over 80% accurate and up 71% on the year. The average monthly gain for our profitable accounts was a respectable 2.18% which comes to an avg. yearly gain of 26.24%. That would be outperforming over 90% of all accounts out there, and I am incredibly proud of my students passion for trading, dedication and growth. I’m expecting nothing but better things from them in 2014.

Live Trade
I wanted to share my last live trade of the year which was a 3R return that you can see in the chart below:
live price action trade eustx 50 chris capre 2ndskiesforex dec 19th

I traded this index using nothing but price action and the 5m intraday charts shortly after the FOMC meeting. 2999 was a key level that held the upside in check for over 12 days, so I took advantage of stops being tripped above this level along with capitalizing on the momentum from the FOMC taper announcement. I held onto the trade till the early European hours capturing a 3R profit.

These are the types of trades you can take with the proper price action training. With a successful mindset, training and effective price action models, you can learn to trade on any time frame, instrument or environment. We do not communicate the false idea that good trades only exist on higher time frames – that is a fairyland and a misunderstanding of trading. Someone who really understands price action knows consistent trading can be made on any time frame. My students prove this day in-day out.

Wishing You Happy Holidays/New Year
First I want to take a new york minute and wish you all a wonderful holidays / new year coming round the corner.

These holidays/new year moments contain a lot of energy – not only to remind us of important things, but also to communicate the message of time (impermanence). The new year brings new possibilities – pointing out how we can always begin anew. It also reminds us how important it is for us to seize our time here – for our passage through time is precious.

Avail yourself of this window and energy available while being between one shore and the next.

Coming in 2014
We have so many huge things brewing under the table for 2014, I sometimes find it hard to not say anything. But I want this beast to brew till its full manifestation as we are creating a new incarnation for 2SF. What we are creating is the most exciting project I have ever worked on for the 2ndSkiesForex community and I cannot wait to unleash it.

Unlike some ‘other courses’ which are giving nothing but stale free material already on their site, ours is always evolving and going to the next level with new material being created almost monthly (available to course members only).

I am normally not one to offer many discounts throughout the year, simply because our course is worth way more than we charge, and our methods make money – period. But being the special time of the year, I will be offering a $75 discount on any of our online courses starting today till the end of the year, so all you have to do is email me via the Contact page for the special discount.

As a final note, although we are not doing any more trading or market commentary (I know, it’s tough weening yourself off the addiction), I will be writing various trading articles on techniques, models and tips to trade successfully, so make sure to stay tuned.

May a tidal wave of growth, good health and abundance be with you and those you care about.

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