Price Action Trades of the Week | June 21st

Hello Traders,

I might just have to run a new segment on Friday’s called the ‘Trades of the Week‘ which are live profitable trades done from students in my Price Action Course.

This weeks winner is Mike who posted two excellent trades on the FOMC day (19th) snagging 101+ pips on the AUDUSD and another 56+ pips on the GBPJPY, which was quite volatile that day.

Here they are below;

AUDUSD +101 pips
audusd short price action course setup june 19th

Michael used a combination of our intraday price action + pivot point setup to grab a breakout of a key level while the market was selling off rapidly.

GBPJPY +56 pips
gbpjpy intraday price action pivot point setup june 19th

Also using an intraday price action technique with pivot points, he literally grabbed the top of the day right before the market sold off heavily, grabbing a quick 56 pips in less than 2hrs.

Both of these trades had reward to risk plays over 2:1, with this last one being over 3:1.

The idea you have to wait for days on end to find A+ high quality setups is ridiculous as these types of setups are happening every day. With the right tools, models, and strategies, you can also learn to spot these in the charts everyday.

I hope you enjoyed this and have a good weekend.

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I'm Chris Capre, Founder of 2ndSkiesForex. I help traders of all levels change the way they think, trade and perform. As a professional trader, I specialize in trading price action. As a teacher, my passion lies in showing you how to re-wire your brain for successful trading. Want to improve your edge right now? Visit my Price Action Course page.

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  • greenstar333

    Aloha, Chris! Thank you for sharing these successes. Here is another one – you know you haven’t been called upon by me much at all about technical ‘stuff,’ but that doesn’t mean you have not played a key role – it’s kind of hard to explain. My trading this summer is absolutely ON FIRE. I have raised my account 300% + – partly because I’m on summer vacation and don’t have to miss London. Thank you for always answering e-mails, even from me! I see you as a master trader, myself someone who had impediments of both character and time zone. TZ hasn’t changed. It’s like having a connection with the North Star, a deeply intelligent North Star with a kind heart. …the one in Honolulu . . . you will always hold a special/unique place in my life, and my attention to commentaries I spot online or when traveling to your site. Nandarani

  • Grixen

    Excellent trades there with really ideal R:R ratios