Price Action Trades of the Week July 5th

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While I was at sea I wasn’t able to post the trades of the week from my students, so am covering two weeks here, but some excellent trades from them with excellent entries, stop losses, targets, timing, spotting good transitions and price action setups. All in all some excellent trading. Although we had dozens and dozens of winning trades, I had to for the sake of brevity slim it down to 4 with my favorite being a +107.2 pip winner using a 25 pip stop, for a 4x R trade so well done on this one Daniel!

#1 2:1 Reward to Risk Play in Less Than 1hr
audusd 5m 3phr winning trade price action course

Here is a great trade using one of our intraday price action reversal systems on the 5m chart. This system works on any time frame from the 1m, 5m, up to the 4hr and daily charts. Here we have a great trade picking up the transition in the price action from bearish pressure to bullish reversal.

The entry was excellent as the bullish momentum picked up right after the entry confirming the trade and they had taken profit on a 2x risk in less than an hour. Nicely done on this one!

#2 Crude Oil Trade Grabbing 61pts in 2hrs
USOIL_H1-6NT live winning trade price action course

An excellent with trend trade and finding a good pullback entry. If you were simply trading pin bars, inside bars, fakeys, or engulfing bar setups, you would have completely missed the trade. That is because sometimes the best entries have nothing to do with a 1 or 2 bar setup, but the underlying price action context.

This trade grabbed a nice 2:1 reward to risk play in under 2hrs so congrats on this one to one of our students.

#3 Nice Pin Bar Pullback Setup
euraud pin bar pullback setup price action course

Catching the bullish impulsive reversal, Daniel here grabbed a nice pin bar pullback setup snagging 73 pips in a matter of hours with it never going in the negative so well done on this one!

#4 +107.2 Pips In One Day
audusd 6nt with trend trade price action course daniel

Daniel also grabbed another on the same day, finding a perfectly timed with trend entry snagging +107.2 pips in a day with less than a 28 pip stop, so excellent work on this one Daniel!

In Closing
The idea that you cannot trade lower time frames, that they are inaccurate, offer horrible signals, or don’t have A+ setups is completely false as you are using the same price action principles on trading higher TFs as you do lower.

You do not have to wait for days to find high quality setups as they happen every day several times a day. You just have to learn the tools, methods and systems to spot them. Once you do, they will start to pop out of the charts and you will see things differently.

Remember, you are not paid by the hour, so waiting around for days not trading or doing nothing is wasting your time when you could be swinging the golf club and perfecting your swing. So don’t fall into the misleading idea you cannot trade intraday consistently and make money. It is simply not true as my students do it all the time.

But I hope this inspired you, that you too can learn to trade successfully as many of these students started this course with little experience, and yet are making money.

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