NZDUSD – Pin Bar Sell Signal At Role Reversal Level Profits | Jun 2

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NZDUSD – Sell Signal @ 8515 Profiting Heavily
In our members commentary from May 28th and 29th, we suggested getting short at 8515 and the key role reversal level for a move lower. The pair hit that level to the pip and then sold off heavily, never going in the negative.

Notice the 1hr pin bar signal that formed there further confirming our trade setup. Anyone with a 15-20 pip stop would be up +3-4R profit so congrats to all the members who traded this setup.

Our Trade Idea: For those still short, I’d suggest locking in some profit, or trailing just above the 8475 level gunning for the 8420 final target. For those not short, let the price action develop here to see how it reacts to the support level mentioned above, or whether it pulls back to the 8515 level before considering another short.


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