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Hello Traders,

To end this week, I wanted to share some bang up trades done by some students in our price action course. I heard traders complaining in many other forums there were not many A+ setups and that they hadn’t seen much in weeks.

This is a complete confusion as there were plenty of them, they just haven’t been trained to see them as they were happening every day. There is no reason to be sitting on your hands for days on end. Learn to read price action well, and you will find high quality signals all the time.

Here are some of those great trades below;

+202 Pips GBPJPY
+202 pips price action trading GBPJPY

As you can see from the green arrows, they shorted the GBPJPY just below 150 and exited around 148, snagging +202 pips in no time. A very good with trend trade. Congrats to Michael on this one!

+72.9 pips over 2:1 Reward to Risk Play
2ndskiesforex price action course trading

Above is a really good breakout pullback setup with an excellent entry, grabbing +72.9 pips in one day using the 4hr chart.

+92.3 Pips 1hr Chart EURCAD
live price action trading eurcad 2ndskiesforex courses

Who says you cannot find good trades on the 1hr chart? A completely ridiculous idea. This trade above was a combination price action + pivot point method we use in our course whereby he caught the top of the day within a few pips. Nicely done Dragosh!

+251.6 Pips on GBPUSD 4hr Chart over 4:1 Reward to Risk Play
live price action trade price action course student

Sometimes strong trending moves will not pullback to the touted ‘value area‘ because it is simply too strong. But this does not mean you have to avoid the trade and let it go by.

There are plenty of ways to get into these strong trending moves, which often times WILL NOT retrace back to value. He used a great one of our methods to find a shallow pullback and take advantage of a strong trending move – grabbing +251.4 pips in the process getting over a 4:1 reward to risk play!

+280.8 Pips USDJPY – Over 4:1 R
usdjpy with trend trade price action course

There were a few people reco’ing to get long on the USDJPY to start the week, buying above the top of the pin bar. We suggested strongly against this, and discussed this heavily with our course members.

While others were buying, we spotted a really good with trend trade setup and this student totally nailed the entry with the trade gaining +280.8 pips capturing a huge portion of the move and the top of the pullback before the trend resumed.

In Closing
These are just a fraction of the trades the students have done this week and last, with the top winner grabbing +280 pips on a single trade. When you learn the right models, strategies, and methods to read/trade price action, you can also learn to spot these opportunities as well.

But there is no reason why you should be sitting on your hands for weeks or days on end, as there are plenty of A+ setups occurring every day. Just train you eyes to see them on the chart, and they will pop out at you.

I hope you enjoyed this and realize that if these students, who came to me with little experience, can make these types of trades, then there is no reason why you cannot as well.

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