Live Price Action Trading Setups | Mar 21st

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This week, we had several contenders from those in our private members trader forum, who shared some fantastic live price action trading setups.

Time frames for the trades ranged from the daily & 4hr strategies, all the way down to the 5m intra-day charts. Quite a range, with our top trade grabbing over +5.25R in <8 hours.

Trade #1: Pin Bar Pullback to Dynamic Support for +2R
victor live price action trade 2ndskiesforex

Here the trader spotted a great breakout pullback setup, that ended up forming a pin bar. But he didn’t wait for the 50% retrace entry, which never would have activated on this trade.

Instead, they used one of our techniques for reading the price action in real time, and found a highly efficient entry. Using an 8 pip stop loss, their first target was +1R, while their final target was +3R, for a total avg. of +2R, with the trade never going negative.

Trade #2: +176 Pips on AUDUSD Daily Chart
audusddaily 3p setup 2ndskiesforex

While other ‘authorities‘ on price action were talking about using a trade entry trick, we were buying just above their stop, getting a far more efficient entry. Here the student aptly found a great entry level and target, which reversed shortly after.

Total profit was +177 pips on an 82 pip stop, for +2.15R, all using a set and forget trading strategy.

Trade #3: AUDUSD +4.1R on AUDUSD 4hr Chart
live price action trading pin bar 2ndskiesforex

An excellent trade here, finding where the order flow was most likely to pull back to, entering at 9015, with a 17 pip stop, just below the ‘big figure’ at 9000, taking profit at 9085 for +4.1R!

You can see their entry and exit arrows with the blue triangle as the entry, while the red triangle is the exit.

Trade #4: +5R on USDCAD 5 Minute Chart
live price action trading usdcad false break 2ndskiesforex

Who says you cannot find a high quality setup on the intra-day charts? We do, and our students do, week in-week out. Here the student traded a false break setup of ours, entering at 1.1053, with a SL at 1.1039 (14 pips), taking profit at 1.1127 (74 pips) for a +5.25R in less than 6 hours!

In Closing
As you can see, our traders make money on all time frames. We do not teach a very freshman version of price action, that the only safe haven for high quality setups is higher time frames.

This is an illusion. The algos and institutional traders make money on all time frames across the board.

This is why we teach you the skills necessary to read and trade price action on any instrument, time frame, or environment.

Once you do, you are no longer bound by some fantasy world idea, about one time frame being ideal. High probability setups exist on all time frames. You just have to properly train to see them.

Ask yourself, is paying for training worth it to grab a +5.25R setup that can pay for the training itself?

How many of these setups did you spot, and trade live yourself?

What would it do to your account if you were finding and trading these setups every week?

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