Live Price Action Trades of the Week | Sept 14th

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Hello Traders,

After two weeks of travel and recovering from illness, I am back to posting our regular weekly live price action trades of the week.
Here they are below with the top winner banking over +100 pips on the AUDUSD reversal, well before the various ‘authorities’ & ‘masters of all things price action’ were even considering a bullish signal.

#1 NZDJPY 15m Chart + 89 pips
NZDJPY 3P setup 2ndskiesforex

Here is a great entry catching a breakout from what would look like a choppy range, but was actually a prelude to a large upward move. Can you spot the signal in this chart?

#2 +93 pips on <21 pip Stop!
nzdjpy with trend setup 2ndskiesforex

Here is a nice with trend setup, but the gem in this trade is the low stop of <21 pips grabbing +93 pips of profit. Thus well over a 4:1 reward to risk ratio!

#3 AUDUSD Pre-Breakout Setup for +101 pips
live price action trades audusd 2ndskiesforex

This is a really good example of a pre-breakout setup whereby the student correctly identified the conditions of an upcoming breakout where they stayed with the move for a few small pullbacks, capturing a large portion of the move, especially before it had begun the breakout. This was all done with less than a 25 pip stop, so an impressive 4:1 reward to risk ratio.

Congrats to all the winners this week who did some excellent trading and spotting some really fantastic and profitable setups which are commonly done and shared in our traders forum daily.

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