Live Price Action Trades Of The Week | Oct 26th

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Another week of excellent trading from the students which were quite active this week. Had a lot of contenders for this installment as there was some sharp trades, but here are the five winners for this week below.


#1 +63 Pips & 3.5R on the NZDUSD
live price action trade nzdusd oct 2ndskiesforex

Here is a good with trend pullback setup on the Kiwi capturing a large portion of the move before the pair bounced.


#2 USDCAD +48 pips and 2.5R False Break Setup
usd cad price action 4hr trade 2ndskiesforex

This is a great job by a student spotting a false break setup with their entry holding quite well, and then the pair skyrocketing to their target capturing 2.5R in less than a day.


#3 ~+50 Pips and +4R on the AUDUSD
audusd intraday 1hr charts price action live trade 2ndskiesforex

Here is a fantastic trade by a newer students, finding a great level to get short, which held a second test, and then sold off quickly into profit. His trailing stop was hit for about +50 with only an 11 pip stop, so some excellent trading here from the intraday chart.


#4 +80 Pips on AUDCAD With Trend Setup
AUDCAD 4hr 2.5 R live price action trade 2ndskiesforex

Here is an excellent with trend setup on the AUDCAD capturing the momentum from buyers re-entering the market after a pullback, holding for a nice +80 pip target garnering a 2.5R play.


#5 +70 Pips NZDUSD 30m Chart
live trade nzdusd m30 price action oct 24th 2ndskiesforex

This is one of my trades from the week shown below on the 30m chart. You’ll notice the entry went straight into profit, then pulled back right to my entry again, only to reject heavily from here going right to the target all within 3 hours capturing over 70+ pips with a less than 12 pip stop, so almost 6R.


In Closing
First off, ask yourself if you were actively engaging the markets this week, not just reading charts, but trading. If you were not, then you are missing high quality setups that appear every day, which means a) missing a chance to profit, and b) missing a opportunity to learn and build experience.

Our students are actively engaging the markets every week and day, thus accelerating their learning curve. I’m hearing of other price action students saying they are not finding good setups that often, and to me, this represents they are just not trained well. Good setups happen virtually every day, often many times throughout the day.

For those who are not trained, those same setups my students are taking will simply pass right under your eyes on the chart. But for those of you who are well trained, you’ll be able to spot them with practice, a little time and the right price action models.

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