Live Price Action Trades of the Week – Green Friday Edition | Nov. 29th

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While mobs, stampedes, fights and all other kinds of conscious/sane behavior graces the shops and Wal-Marts of America during this Black Friday, I thought to label today ‘Green Friday’ for all our traders that ended in the green this week with some excellent live trades.

Here they are below.

#1 EURJPY FPB Setup 1hr Chart
eurjpy price action trading course 2ndskiesforex

Here the trader spotted a really good FPB price action setup on the EURJPY 1hr chart capturing a good share of the second leg up.

#2 Ichimoku TKx Setup +140 & +5R setup on AUDUSD
ichimoku tkx trading 2ndskiesforex +170 pips audusd

Some excellent ichimoku trading here, capturing a huge momentum run in the Aussie.

#3 +60 Points USDINX +3R Using Ichimoku
ichimoku tkx setup usd index 2ndskiesforex

Another good ichimoku setup after a consolidation, catching the breakout just as it was happening.

#4 +420 Pips & Over 5R Return on GBPAUD
+420 pips and +5R GBPAUD price action trading 2ndskiesforex course

This definitely takes top prize this week, capitalizing on AUD weakness. Notice how the pair was in a corrective pullback, yet once it started to break upward for a massive bull run, they got in once the momentum and impulsive price action started?

Some excellent trading here, and to all the winners this week.

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