Live Price Action Trades Of The Week | Feb 22nd

While many traders were sitting on the sidelines making 1-2 trades max last week, we were quite active, engaging and attacking the market. This week I’ll be showing several setups, from the intra-day charts, up through the daily and 4hr time frames. The top trade this week is a +8300 pip winner, and still holding the position. Some impressive trading all around.

#1 +4R GBPUSD In Less Than 2 Hours!
3P price action setup gbpusd 2ndskiesforex

Here the student used our intra-day 3P Setup, finding an excellent false break + reversal setup. The trade never went into the negative, and with an ~10 pip stop, grabbed +4R in less than 2 hours as the trade skyrocketed to their target. Excellent work here.

#2 EURUSD +48 Pips & +2.6R 5m Chart
eurusd intra-day price action setup 2ndskiesforex

Using our pattern to detect a likely intra-day price action setup and bottom, here the student aptly bought the pair while it was being accumulated. Shortly after their entry, the pair launched towards their target as the bulls took control, grabbing +48 pips and 2.6R in 4 hours.

#3 USDCAD +4.2R +73 Pip Winner!
usdcad intra-day price action strategy 2ndskiesforex

Some truly fantastic work buying into a down-move before the range bottom held, this student had a well placed stop and recognized ahead of time when the range would hold. They held onto the trade for 3/4 of a day, and through several corrective pullbacks, to grab a +4.2R winner. A great entry, a well placed SL, showing patience and discipline.

#4 +8382 Pips and Still Running!
gold 8000 pip profit price action trading course 2ndskiesforex

Finding a better entry than my highly profitable gold trade, this student spotted a setup just under 1230, and was up +8382 pips before the precious metal climbed higher into the weekly close. Showing patience, great timing, and never having the trade go into the negative, they are well up over +10R at this point, so congrats to them for some damn fine trading.

In Closing
Ask yourself, did you found this entry on gold? Have you ever held a trade for this long and this much profit, showing patience and discipline? How many trades in a week do you capture for +4R in profits?

Are you waiting around for days, maybe weeks or a month to capture a 4R trade while our students do this day in-day out? Ask yourself what grabbing a few trades like this would do to turn around your account and trading.

Then realize the only things separating you from such trades is proper training and practice.

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Buddhist, Trader and Philanthropist

I'm Chris Capre, Founder of 2ndSkiesForex. I help traders of all levels change the way they think, trade and perform. As a professional trader, I specialize in trading price action. As a teacher, my passion lies in showing you how to re-wire your brain for successful trading. Want to improve your edge right now? Visit my Price Action Course page.

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  • Nirmal Neupane

    Hello Chris,

    Are you a 100% winner of your trade? If yes that’s great if no why you didn’t show your loose trade chart advice…..

    • Chris Capre

      Hello Nirmal,

      Seems you have a blog on forex, promoting another course. How interesting.

      Regarding your questions about the 100% – there seems to be a confusion on your part. First off, these are not all my trades. Most are students of mine who are making highly profitable trades.
      Second, nobody wins 100% of the time, so your question is rhetorical.

      The reason why I post winning trades, is the brain actually learns how to make winning trades faster by seeing other winning trades. These are from ‘Mirror Neurons’, which mimmick, or ‘mirror’ the actions of what we see.

      For example, there have been tons of studies done on baseball players. If there is a batter on deck, and the batter in front strikes out, the batter on deck has a higher % chance of striking out as well. But if the batter that is up makes a good hit, then the batter on deck is more likely to make a good hit.

      So from a learning perspective, its far better to show people winning trades, as it increases the probability they will learn from them.

      Just like you do not learn how to drive a manual transmission car, and get into 1st gear, but revving the gas full, then slamming down the clutch, only to release the clutch, then throw the gear into reverse. Of course this doesn’t teach you how to drive a manual transmission.

      The same goes for trading.

      Hopefully this clarifies your confusion a bit.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre