Live Price Action Trades of the Week July 12th

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There were dozens of excellent trades this week from my students using our price action systems, finding some excellent entries, exits, with the top one being +139 pips while another grabbed over 4:1 on its reward to risk ratio. Some find trading indeed, so hats off to the students this week!

#1 +81.8 Pips on EURUSD 4hr Charts
price action pullback off 20ema euro 2ndskiesforex july

This first trade was an excellent with trend pullback setup using our 6NT system, only needing a 27 pip stop and an +81 pip target, for almost a 3R trade. Notice how the pullback stalled right after his entry, then started an aggressive sell off shortly after.

#2 +134.3 Pips GBPUSD 1hr Chart
price action gbpusd pivot point trade profitable 134 pips

Who says you cannot use lower time frames, or intraday price action to find high quality setups? Complete rubbish as my students do this day in day out. Anyone telling you otherwise has no idea how to trade because my students daily would disprove any such nonsense.

This trade above was an excellent price action setup using pivot points, whereby they literally caught the top of the pullback, had less than a 40 pip stop, and +134 pip target, for an over 3.35R trade.

#3 +139 Pips EURUSD Daily Chart
price action signals eurusd daily chart2ndskiesforex july 9th

Here we have a nice with trend trade, being patient and avoiding the false break, while capturing +139 pips taking profit exactly as price hit support.

#4 +88.1 Pips and A 4.5R Trade on 5M Chart
false break reversal price action

Although the other trades had grabbed more pips, this one had the highest R:R ratio, with an impressive 4.5R trade. Notice how they detected the reversal and false break, getting in right where the bears were stopping any bull advance. An excellent entry, and great patience holding the trade to target. All done in less than 4hrs on the 5M chart.

Again, continual proof you do not need to trade higher time frames only to find high quality setups as our models work on any time frame. When you learn to read price action and the order flow behind it well, you can apply the models and find trades on any time frame, and not have to wait for days for high quality setups.

Hopefully this inspires you, and shows you what you can do when you learn to read and trade price action well, as many of these students had little experience before this course, and are still developing their skills – just like you.

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