Intra-Day Price Action Trades Of The Week | Nov 25th

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Normally I do a collage of trades from my students. This week I’ll only use the intra-day trades from one of my students. Like many of you, months ago they came to me and were struggling. They tried systems, robots, indicators, etc. but were struggling with their trading and were in the red.

After working for months and training how to read price action, they’ve finally hit a groove being profitable for their longest streak ever. All of their trades this week were from reading the intra-day price action, and they had an excellent week. Here are some of their trades below.

#1 +4R EURUSD 5m Chart

intra-day price action live trade 2ndskiesforex eurusd

Here they captured a good corrective pullback entry allowing them to grab most of the momentum on the way down, using a small stop and snagging over +4R all within a few hours.

#2 +3R EURUSD 5m Chart Trade

3R trade eurusd live price action

In this trade, the pair almost never went negative, and through a little patience, continued running in their trade direction hitting their +3R target.

#3 Four Trades, All Winners for +3, +3, +4 & +5R EURUSD 5m Charts

live intra-day price action trading 2ndskiesforex 5m chart

Without a doubt, this one is my favorite. They showed maturing and aggression here – attacking the charts while it was favorable. They didn’t just go for one trade. They realized they had an excellent move in their favor, and capitalized at several points along the way, buying at key levels and pullbacks.

The finally tally was a +3R, another +3R, a +4R and  +5R. To put that into perspective for you ‘only trade the higher time frames’, that would be the equivalent of making two 300 pip winners with 100 pip stops, a 400 pip winner with a 100 pip stop, and a 500 pip winner with a 100 pip stop, all within one day.

How many times does that happen to you in a week, let alone month? Food for thought, but high quality intra-day signals occur on every time frame. It all comes down to training.

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