FX Price Action – GBPJPY Forms ioi Pattern | Mar. 13th

The GBPJPY has been consolidating between 142 and 144 for the last three days, forming an ioi pattern, which consists of an inside bar, then outside bar, followed by another inside bar. This usually leads to a counter-trend breakout play, however a breakout above 145 could really trip some stops.

I’ll be watching a potential breakout pullback setup above 145, while a break below the outside bar lows at 142 would likely lead to further losses to 141.42 and 140.60, so watch for price action clues at the short term range levels for the next direction.

ioi inside bar outside bar price action pattern 2ndskiesforex.com mar 13th

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  • Amey

    Hello Chris,

    What made you not follow the IOI pattern in this case? As you are hoping for a upside break.


  • Cece

    My broker doesn’t show an ioi pattern. How can I be sure what the real price is?

    • Hello Cece,

      There is no one ‘real’ price. There is no industry standard, or just one price all professional traders look at.

      There are several server times, and your’s probably is a different server – this is why it looks different.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre